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Gartner Compliance & Risk Management Summit
  • 9 - 11  May 2007
  • New Orleans, LA
  • New Orleans Marriott
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Gartner Compliance and Risk Management Summit focuses on the tools, technologies, tactics and strategies needed to respond effectively to the difficult issues emerging from Regulatory Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Continuity Management and Governance.  Special emphasis will be paid to Governance, Privacy, and related regulations and standards.

Just Announced Panelists!

Theatre in the Round
Tony Smith, IT Core Business Partner, Cypress Semiconductor
Odell Guyton, Director of Compliance, Anti-Trust Compliance Manager & Sr. Corporate
   Attorney, Microsoft
Robert Brownstone, Law & Technology Director, Fenwick & West LLP
Lee Dittmar, Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Phil Livingston, Vice Chairman, Approva Corporation

Mastermind Interview
Joanne McNabb, Chief, California Office of Privacy Protection, Department of
    Consumer Affairs
Sally Wallace, ADAS for Privacy/Records Management, Department of Veterans Affairs
Janet Chapman, Chief Privacy Officer, The Charles Schwab Corporation

ISACA Analyst-User-Roundtable
Meenu Gupta, Chief Information Security Officer, Vangent, Inc.
Jeff Roth, Director, RSM Gladrey

Risk Assessment Test for Enterprises
Are you aware of what your organization could be doing about compliance & risk management? Do you think your colleagues are aware?  RATE your organization's current state of compliance and risk management with the Gartner Events' Risk Assessment Test for Enterprises.
Take the RATE

Read what Gartner analyst French Caldwell had to say about the regulatory developments affecting information-technology executives, in an interview with Baseline magazine - Q&A: The Reshaping of the CIO in the Era of SarbOx

Why now?
The compliance and risk management environment has become so fraught with complexity that technology is now essential to an effective response. Indeed, companies are not only looking to IT to reduce compliance costs, but also to realize performance improvements vis-à-vis business applications.

Compliance demands come from more than just regulators and auditors.  Failure to enforce internal organizational compliance standards has – in one case – delayed the development of the world’s largest jet liner and in another led to the indictments of senior executives who were caught spying on journalists.  Failure to effectively embrace commercial compliance requirements leads to disintermediation between trading partners and the hemorrhaging profits.

What You Will Learn

    • The best responses to the impact on business and IT operations from the proliferation of regulations and risks associated with globalization
    • Developing standards and frameworks relevant to compliance and risk management
    • IT’s role in providing governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions for business
    • Best practices for IT compliance and risk management
    • Choosing tools and technologies wisely
    • How IT connects to Enterprise Risk Management

Who Should Attend

    • CCOs, CGOs, CROs, CFOs, CIOs, CAEs, CPOs and GCs
    • Finance, Audit, Legal, Risk, Compliance and other managers responsible for evaluating and implementing IT solutions for governance, compliance and risk management
    • IT executives, directors and managers charged with governance, compliance, privacy, risk and IT audit management
    • Governance, Risk and Compliance Consultants and Technology Vendors
    • Regulators

    The purpose: To help finance, audit, business and IT leaders clearly identify:
    • The compliance issues facing the organization today and how IT can help mitigate risk
    • The tools and solutions that help automate and monitor compliance
    •  How to make the business case for IT investments dedicated to compliance and risk  management

Additional Information

Read your free Gartner research report about the expanding governance, risk and compliance software market - Click here to download

Gartner analysts Dale Kutnick, French Caldwell and John Bace discuss the tools and technologies that will be the focus of this event -  Listen to the podcast.

Standard Conference Price

—  US $1895

Fee includes conference attendance, documentation and planned functions.

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