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Gartner Event Processing SummitReal Time Agility through Event Processing and Business Activity Monitoring
  • 19 - 21  September 2007
  • Orlando, FL
  • JW Marriott Grande Lakes
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Announcing a new event to help IT and business leaders achieve rapid response and improve time-critical operations.

The inaugural Gartner Event Processing Summit is the first conference designed to help you understand and leverage Event Processing (EP) and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and turn real-time data streams into better, faster decisions.

This event is a unique collaboration between Gartner analysts and some of the most experienced practitioners and innovators in the industry. Come join us in September as we explore how to improve agility, develop better insight into business conditions and gain a competitive advantage.

Event Processing and Business Activity Monitoring are rapidly moving from cutting-edge to mission-critical.

Will you be ready?

EP and BAM are fast emerging as key opportunities for leading technology users who seek a competitive advantage. Already used successfully in trading, fraud detection, sensor networks, sales, transportation operations and other areas, EP and BAM represent a fundamental shift in the way companies view, monitor and act upon business or technical events - such as processes, messages, data changes and transactions. The new technologies that support EP and BAM provide improved agility by enabling faster responsiveness to customer, supplier and market needs.

Get a roadmap to rapid response from leaders who have blazed the trail.

Our analysts have been tracking and predicting the enormous changes brought on by today's explosion of real-time data. To stay ahead, this wealth of mission-critical business information needs to be managed and reacted upon quickly and intelligently by appropriately designed systems, applications and architectures.

This new conference brings together - all under one roof - the thought leaders on event-driven, real-time enterprise solutions and business activity monitoring. Learn how leaders master the power of EP and BAM through two days of engaging keynotes, idea-packed sessions and revealing case studies.

> Examine how to work through common challenges and pitfalls that many companies
   face in their development and integration process.
> Hear from companies that have successfully put systems in place that work to increase
   their customer and supplier satisfaction.
> Explore how EP and BAM are transforming capital markets in a special track for
   financial services companies.
> Come gain new thoughts and real-world advice from our team of renowned analysts
   and practitioners and network with hundreds of your peers.

Key Topics:
> Event Processing
> Complex Event Processing
> Business Activity Monitoring
> Stream Processing
> Event Driven Architecture
> Trading and Other Financial Applications

Don't wait to see what you'll experience at this ground-breaking event.
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Co-Located with the Gartner Business Process Management Summit.

Get answers to all your questions, including:
> What are events? How do they help my business?
> What is BAM? How does EP fit?
> What do I need to understand about the principles and design of EP?
> How and where can I apply EP to business processes? How does it change the
   business architecture?
> What do business analysts need to know about events?
> How do I get started with my EP application?
> How can I understand EP architecture and application development?
> What are the industry standards for EP?
> When and how will additional EP industry standards emerge?
> What is the ROI of EP - costs, benefits, TCO?
> How are service-oriented architecture (SOA) and EP complementary? When should
   I use interactive SOA? When should I use event notification?
> Which vendors are in this market, which will dominate and how will EP products be
   packaged to benefit my business?

Who Should Attend

    Managers and technology professionals who are specifying, designing, building, acquiring or approving EP and BAM applications in any industry, including:

    > Enterprise and application architects
    > System developers
    > CTOs
    > Project leaders
    > System analysts
    > Business analysts
    > IT managers
    > IT consultants
    > Database professionals

Conference Track Descriptions

Three Tracks Focus on Driving Time-Critical Decision-making

Track A: Event Processing
Explore the role of EP in a wide variety of disparate industries and application styles from OLTP through BPM. Each session describes a different set of requirements and a slightly different aspect of Event-driven architecture (EDA) usage. The result is a well-rounded compilation of design concepts and best practices that will help user companies tailor EDA to address their own requirements.

Track B: Business Activity Monitoring
Monitoring the business in real-time is making a competitive difference in the organization's time-critical business operation areas. Technically, BAM uses EP to drive dashboards and issues alerts. But business value comes from identifying the metrics to monitor and changing the culture to rapidly sense and respond to threats and opportunities. This track helps business managers understand the value of BAM and shows IT professionals how to successfully deploy the technology. Come sense the opportunity and respond by taking the excitement of BAM back to your colleagues.

Track C: Event Processing in Banking and Capital Markets
Focused on the use of EP in capital markets and banking applications to exploit opportunities, ensure integrity and compliance and improve operations. Examine how financial services companies can use stream processing and other EDA technologies to achieve ultra-low latency and competitive advantage under rapidly changing business conditions.

Standard Conference Price

—  US $1695

Fee includes conference attendance, documentation and planned functions.

Special Pricing

    SAVE BIG by combining two Summits for the special price of US$2,695
    Gartner Business Process Management Summit - September 16-19
    Gartner Event Processing Summit - September 19-21
    Both at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando.
    Summit Combo Special Offer - US$2,695

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