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Gartner Customer Relationship Management Summit


14 - 16  September 2009   |   Scottsdale, AZ   |   Westin Kierland Resort & Spa

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The Gartner Customer Relationship Management Summit delivers the leading-edge insights on how technology enables the marketing, sales, and customer service functions, adding value to the customer experience and delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction while increasing sales & saving money.
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Listen to A Special Podcast with Don Peppers
  • Listen to a special podcast on the increasing role of innovation in customer relationship management today.
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Learn 5 Powerful Tactics to Make Your Web Site Customer-Centric
  • Complimentary Gartner Webinar on July 15 presented by Michael Maoz, Adam Sarner and Gene Phifer.
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Don't miss out on the Gartner & 1to1 Customer Awards at this year's Summit! Research
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Book your Gartner Analyst One-on-One session now! Meet the Gartner Analyst Team See Who Attended CRM Last Year
Gartner CRM Analysts Share Their Insights on CRM
  • Just What Product Configuration Strategies Need. Watch the video clip now!
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