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Gartner Enterprise Architecture Foundation Seminar

10 - 11  December 2009   |   Las Vegas, NV   |   Caesars Palace

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The Gartner Enterprise Architecture Foundation Seminar focuses on the enterprise as a holistic system geared to enable you to dive deep into the subject of EA. Hands-on exercises and focused attention will provide a richly rewarding experience that will meet your specific EA needs.
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Agenda-at-a-Glance Complimentary Webinar Replay: Best Practices and Big Mistakes in EA
  • Listen to VP & Distinguished Analyst, Betsy Burton, discuss best practices and big mistakes in EA.
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Complimentary Webinar Replay: Strategic Cost Management
  • Listen to Research VP, Bruce Robertson, discuss strategic cost management in EA.
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Upcoming Webinar: Best Practices and Big Mistakes in Enterprise and Application Architecture
  • Join VP & Distinguished Analyst, Betsy Burton and Research VP, Dan Sholler as they discuss best practices in today's economy.
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Gartner EA Seminar Leaders
  • Get to know our leading Gartner EA analysts.
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Complimentary EA Podcast
  • Research VP, Philip Allega, and VP & Fellow, Mark Raskino, discuss the new strategic business capabilities hype cycle, and more hot topics in EA.
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