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Actionable Advice and Fresh Ideas to Initiate, Reinforce and Optimize Your CRM Strategy

As the world shows signs of economic recovery, organizations need to follow suit by altering their Customer Relationship Management strategies. A fine balance needs to be achieved between two risks. On the one hand, CRM initiatives need to pay their way and prove their value to the business. A project or initiative that cannot demonstrate its value to the business runs the risk of not being approved.

On the other hand, the customer is not standing still. Numerous surveys demonstrate that customers now expect more. They are communicating through new channels and they reveal negative experiences to the world more frequently. The risk is that if the customer feels ignored or the organization is not responsive, they will take their business elsewhere.

To address these risks, the traditional operational focus of CRM needs to be augmented with an analytical and socially driven approach. Best practice needs to be applied to new projects, existing investments need to be refined and innovative ideas embraced to fuel a differentiated customer experience.

Whether you're new to CRM, or a CRM "master", a business strategist or an IT leader, the 2010 Gartner Customer Relationship Management Summit provides you with both actionable advice and fresh ideas to initiate, reinforce and optimize your organization's CRM strategy. Learn from the latest Gartner research, benefit from the experiences of other organizations, and share best practices with your peers.

We look forward to seeing you there and to discussing your ideas!

Conference Chairs

Key Topics

  • 8 Building Blocks of CRM
  • Acquiring and retaining customers
  • Advanced analytics
  • Architectures and Technologies
  • CRM Strategies
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Self Service
  • Data quality
  • Enterprise Feedback Management
  • Evolving customer and social trends
  • Managing Change
  • Master Data Management
  • Multichannel customer service
  • Next generation CRM
  • Return on Investment
  • Single view of the customer
  • Social CRM
  • Software as a Service

Listen to A Special Podcast with Don Peppers

Listen to a special podcast with Don Peppers, acclaimed author and a founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group interviewed by Gareth Herschel, Gartner Research Director, as they discuss the increasing role of innovation in customer relationship management today.

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