A New Research Formula Shows You the Ways to Better Business Outcomes

Gartner Industry Advisory Services are premium services designed to help you leverage technology and improve business outcomes every day. We show you how the technology you use internally can help improve your business, while also helping you understand how external forces can affect your technology practices. Our information and insight will guide you to better decisions.

We can help you stay out in front of your competitors by understanding what others are doing and why. Instead of simply reacting to internal requests, you'll have the insight and credibility to confidently recommend technology solutions that lead industry advances.

Too many companies still look at technology as simply a cost of doing business, rather than a driver of growth. And that's not right. Gartner Industry Advisory Services is a tool for powering your technology to strengthen competitive position, increase growth, improve margins and ensure regulatory compliance.

Industry Advisory Services subscriptions are currently available in the following industries:

  • Banking & Investment Services
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Retail

For more information about Industry Advisory Services and becoming a member, please contact your sales representative or e-mail client.info@gartner.com

Program Deliverables

Gartner has greater IT research resources than any other organization in the world. But that doesn't mean much if you can't get the information you need to run your business. Gartner Industry Advisory Services approaches research in a new way.

Working closely with clients, we developed the new High-Touch/High-Priority research style. It's really quite simple. Rather than decide for ourselves, we ask our clients what issues are of the utmost importance to their operations. Then we combine our industry expertise with your experience, needs and challenges to prioritize our research agenda and analyst activities for each industry.

This formalized, regular input from the market identifies the most pressing areas for each industry. So we investigate and report on what matters most to you. High-Touch/High-Priority delivers information you can use to make real-world decisions, plans and improvements. Today.

Industry Advisory Services Research

Research agendas consist of a custom crafted mix of content designed to cover a particular research area. Gartner Industry Advisory Services teams identify and prioritize research topics by working with key industry clients to identify their issues. Industry analysts regularly re-evaluate key industry topics, and conduct an initial survey with clients and prospects to determine depth and frequency of coverage. Industry Advisory Services agendas are updated twice a year.

Analyst Interaction

Industry Advisory Services offers a variety of opportunities to engage and interact, including:
  • Direct contact with industry analysts and support specialists
  • Proactive industry analyst relationship (Advisor Gold level)
  • Quarterly check-in on priorities and results

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For more information about Industry Advisory Services and becoming a member, please contact your sales representative or e-mail client.info@gartner.com

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