Looking to vastly improve your company's timeliness, agility, information availability and strategic advantage?

Event processing has the power to transform businesses by providing near-real-time visibility into what is happening within a company and in its external environment. This situation awareness improves reaction time to emerging threats and opportunities, reduces the elapsed time of business processes and enhances the quality and availability of information.

Experts K. Mani Chandy and W. Roy Schulte discuss the business drivers, costs and benefits of event-processing applications - covering complex-event processing (CEP) and event-driven architecture (EDA) and describing how service-oriented architecture (SOA) and EDA are used in application integration scenarios.

Find proven strategies for integrating events into business applications and enhancing business process management (BPM) initiatives with event processing. This authoritative guide contains a sequence of steps for developing event-processing applications to reduce risk and ensure efficiency. Real-world examples illustrate successful EP implementations.