Event Processing makes dramatic improvements in business processes and IT systems possible. It has a direct, tangible impact on the lives of business people. Event processing changes the way they do their jobs by giving them better visibility into what is happening in their company and in their company's external environment. It also improves a company's reaction time to unforeseeable situations, reduces the end-to-end elapsed time of business processes and improves the quality and availability of information.

Why Now?
If event processing is such a great idea, why hasn't everyone been doing it all along? Event processing is underutilized partly because relatively little data on current business events has been available in digital form until recently.

In the past, many events either went undetected or were detected but not reported in a digital form that could be sent over a network or manipulated by a computer. Now more events are detected and represented electronically, although, unfortunately, many are still not readily accessible to the people, devices or IT systems that could benefit from them.

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