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Top 10 Business-Tech Books of 2008
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CIO Magazine
"The hype cycle is probably the cleverest framework for understanding new technology�s cadence ever developed. This handbook takes the theory from IT suppliers� marketing departments and provides CIOs with practical advice for putting it into action. Read it now before it lapses into the Trough of Disillusionment."
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Miami Herald
Mastering the Hype Cycle was highlighted among books offering advice on harnessing creativity.
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"Mastering the Hype Cycle is definitely worth reading, absorbing and pondering."
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"Highly recommended for different reasons for different audiences"
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CIO Insight
Mastering the Hype Cycle was included in CIO Insight's Fall 2008
Reading List
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Industry Week
Mastering the Hype Cycle was written up on
"Together [the authors] set out to explain what drives this pattern and how companies can avoid its potential dangers. In addition, drawing on their Gartner experience, they offer an understanding of the hype cycle that can help orchestrate strategies on technologies and timing."
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"Great book!! Read in one sitting. Looking forward to another."
Jeff Stoltman, Associate Professor of Marketing, Wayne State University School of Business Administration

"This is an immensely practical guide to how innovations are adopted by a skeptical and impatient marketplace. No hype here�it is essential reading for entrepreneurs, and anyone charged with identifying market-transforming innovations."
Paul Saffo, Technology Forecaster

"Technologists, commercial managers, futurists, and many others have found success with the Hype Cycle tool over the years. This book does a great job of explaining the concept and how to implement it in your company—as well as the emotional implications for organizations and individuals alike."
John Clarke, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Nokia

"In a fast-globalizing marketplace buffeted by surging rates of change, businesses either update or die. The secret of when and how to innovate lies in having a clear, comprehensive, step-by-step guide round the many pitfalls. This is it—a brilliant must-read."
James Burke, author, Connections

"Even the most astute businesspeople face risks when bringing something new to market. Fenn and Raskino's new book shows how innovation—and in particular, the process of innovation—can help organizations consistently rise above the clutter to achieve high performance. It's fascinating and valuable reading."
Lyle Ginsburg, Global Managing Director, Accenture Technology Labs