The Five Management Imperatives of Social Media Success: Creating Real Business Value through Mass Collaboration, January 27, 2012,
"The hype around social media is equaled perhaps only by the widespread misunderstanding about what it is and, above all, its real potential."

Gartner's Definition of The Social Organization
Social Business News, January 27, 2012,
"A true social organization is one that can consistently use social technologies, mass collaboration and defined processes time and time again to fully evolve the business."

Top Ten Social Media Stories of 2011
Social Media is more than the number of likes
Computerworld, December 30, 2011, Jenny Williams
"The big potential for social media is to be a tool for mass collaboration...The challenge for companies: look beyond the obvious uses for marketing and communicating."

The Amplified Enterprise: Using Social Media To Expand Organizational Capabilities
MIT Sloan Management Review, November 2, 2011 Anthony Bradley and Mark McDonald, interviewed by David Kiron
"The big potential for social media is to be a tool for mass collaboration...The challenge for companies: look beyond the obvious uses for marketing and communicating."

Social Media is more than a number of "likes"
Computer, November 11, 2011
"The number of "likes" on Facebook, is not a measure of success according to Anthony Bradley, a group vice president at Gartner, and co-author of The Social Organisation"

Separate Social Media from Marketing, November 16, 2011 Guest Blog
"When social media is applied to marketing, it creates activity — and in marketing, activity is a good thing. But activity alone does not create business results."

Social Media: Seven Ways to Make it Work at Work - CIO Insight, November 9, 2011,
"If your company is like many others, you're already exploring social media. But are these efforts providing real value?... Here are three social media success stories, plus seven best practices you can put to use today:.."

How to Become a Social Organization, November 7, 2011,
"Would you, as a manager, know a good purpose for mass collaboration if you heard one? Most managers may know how to make themselves, their staffs, and their organizations productive. But how many know how to make a community productive?"

Think Tank: Making social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter more personal
The Telegraph, October 29, 2011,

Social Media vs. Knowledge Management, October 26, 2011

Social Media for Business
Video interview
Financial Times, October 18, 2011

Capitalizing on Social to Prop Up Intranets
Read Write Enterprise, October 17, 2011
"This year's version of the spark for inspiration comes from social media, and the realization that while a low percentage of employees uses the company intranet, a higher percentage uses Facebook."

The Six Attitudes Leaders Take Towards Social Media
by Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald, October 17, 2011
"We know treating social media as strategic can lead to tangible business value and competitive advantage, so the goal is for business leaders to move quickly past the Folly, Fearful, and Flippant stages and get right to Formulating."

10 Useful New Books on Business Value and IT
Baseline, October 3, 2011
"(In the Social Organization), two Gartner VPs describe five principles organizations must use to drive true value from social media and online communities."

Making use of social media for business
Financial Times, September 17, 2011
"The vast majority of significant, even transformational, business benefits of social media come not from marketing communications, but from productive communities."

What We're Reading from the Oct. 15 Issue of CIO Magazine, September 29, 2011
"This book cites over 400 organizations that have seen results from using social media and provides a step-by-step strategy that can be applied to companies of all types."

Making use of social media for business
Chief Executive,September 16, 2011
"A new book, The Social Organization, by two Gartner analysts, Anthony Bradley and Mark McDonald, sums up the popular conceptions of social media (SM) technology since its emergence at the beginning of the last decade."

The True So-What of Social Media, October 10, 2011

All Organizations Are Social, But Few Are Social Organizations, October 3, 2011

Making use of social media for business
Financial Times, September 2011

The CIO Insight 2011 Fall Reading List
CIO Insight, September 2011


"The Social Organization expertly walks the reader through the value of and requirements for large-scale collaboration using social media, and clearly explains when and how to use this powerful new tool."
Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody and Cognitive Surplus

"This book offers a great 'how to' resource to gain the most out of mass collaboration and become a more agile, networked enterprise. Every leader should understand the possibilities of a social organization to transform the way they grow their business."
Mark Dajani, Senior Vice President and CIO, Kraft Foods

"We are entering the age of community, where groups collaborate easily and effectively, giving a much stronger voice to customers and employees—changing our enterprises and unlocking new value. This engaging book cuts through the hype of social media with motivating examples and practical advice."
Peter Weill, Chairman, MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research

"To benefit from social media inside an organization, we have to rethink the fundamental tenets of structures, policies, processes, decision making, and culture. Anthony and Mark hand-hold you by cutting the hype and systematically unfolding the elements of successful mass collaboration."
Jagdish C. Belwal, CIO, Tata Motors

"Collaboration has become a mission-critical capability for organizations rather than a voluntary 'nice to have' feature of technology. Bradley and McDonald's book documents this transition and prescribes tools for effectively managing important collaborations."
Thomas H. Davenport and Jeanne G. Harris, coauthors, Competing on Analytics and Analytics at Work

"A great read with real and practical solutions on how to innovate and incubate new ideas for growth, leveraging a new and exciting tool—social media. I am eager to put these practices into place at my organization."
Russell Evans, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Experian

"The Social Organization is a forward-thinking and thought-provoking book that provides insights on how organizations are leveraging social technologies to quicken the pace of innovation. The research and emerging practices of the new world of collaboration are extremely compelling. This is a must-read and great playbook for transformational IT leaders."
Mike Goodwin, Senior Vice President and CIO, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

"The Social Organization is an amazing book, takes away the fears to get started with social media, but takes away also false expectations about what social media can do for you. Whether you are a business enterprise or a community, it gives you a solid framework to start, guide, develop, and reshape your social media strategy and will help you avoid commonly observed pitfalls."
Nuria Simo, CIO, Royal Frieslandcampina