Gartner on the Go!

Get what you need, when you need it, with Gartner mobile apps.

Gartner for iPad®

Work at the speed of IT

Get instant access to critical insight and advice to inform your key IT decisions. Whether answering a specific question, getting up to speed on a new priority or keeping up with the latest trends, Gartner for iPad delivers.

Fast answers. An intuitive interface with streamlined search.

Personalized insight. Browse recommendations based on your preferences and recent activity.

Maximum flexibility. On- or offline, valuable research and resources are always at your fingertips.

For Gartner clients and registered users

Gartner Events Navigator

Manage your agenda anytime, anywhere

New and improved! Your mobile event concierge, enabling you to you access, browse and manage your event agenda, online or off — whether you're at your desk, traveling to or from the event, attending sessions on-site or preparing your trip notes.

Up-to-the-minute event updates. The latest session or room changes, alerts and more.

Social media integration. View event social media feeds; tag event content to your favorite social sites.

Access to all session documents. Review relevant session docs and add your notes right in the app.

For event attendees and registered users

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