Gartner Analyst & Press Guidelines

Gartner analysts are known globally for their thought leadership on information technology, marketing and supply chain. This is why we get thousands of requests from news organizations every month for analyst commentary on industry news and trends. Just as in the process of creating research, analysts abide by a set of guidelines when interacting with the press:

  • Analyst comments are aligned to Gartner positions.
  • When providing Gartner perspective and opinion, analysts will only refer to published research during interviews. They will not discuss draft research that has not yet been published for our clients.
  • Analysts can provide market perspective, but they will not speculate on specific market rumors.
  • Gartner analysts comment on issues within their research coverage area. They may decline press interviews or questions that go beyond their area of expertise. In these instances, we will recommend the appropriate Gartner analyst for that topic.
  • Gartner analysts are hyper-aware of their obligation to protect the confidentiality of client information.
  • Requests for Gartner analyst interviews should be directed to the Gartner PR team.