Digital Business Requires an Innovative I&O Strategy

Even as we focus on digital transformation, we cannot overlook our more traditional disciplines. And, yes,, sometimes it seems that as business and IT change, Infrastructure and Operations stays the same. Sure, the tools and processes they need to address evolve, but the mission seems unchanged: Keeping the business humming along — keeping the lights … Continued

IT Must Now Impact Business Cost Optimization

For most people, IT cost optimization comes down to four words: Do more with less. But Gartner Managing Vice President Barbara Gomolski says that definition is misguided. Cost optimization is evolving into more and more of a growth driver and something that must extend beyond IT to the entire enterprise. Barbara Gomolski also is an … Continued

Where True Digital Security is in Short Supply

Organizations used to have physical security and IT security – one focused on making sure the doors were locked, as it were, and the other making sure networks, databases and the like were secure. That sounds so quaint, right? Today security – especially cybersecurity – is a matter of business success across the enterprise. That’s especially … Continued

IT’s New Scaling Parameter: All of Civilization

Yes, digital transformation expands the reach and possibilities for businesses more than ever before — but scaling to the size of civilization? That’s not a misprint. IT must ready the organization for new growth by planning for civilization-level infrastructure. It sounds daunting, but it’s not far-fetched or only attainable for the biggest enterprises. What exactly … Continued

With Marketing, Don’t Forget the Customer

This seems very obvious to say, but too often it gets lost in our marketing efforts: The customer must be front and center. Too many of us are not truly focused on the customer experience, and marketing must take the lead in improving that experience and thus growing the business. That will be a key … Continued

I&O Sets Foundation for Digital Transformation

In this age of digital transformation, sometimes IT operations is downplayed as just not sexy enough. People still often think about it as keeping the lights on, tending to those legacy installments. Truth is, strong infrastructure and operations management is the foundation of any digital success. But what are the trends right now most impacting … Continued

Artificial Intelligence: Machines Are Not Taking Over

Some Silicon Valley executives recently made news by saying they are now preparing for the apocalypse – that widespread unemployment created by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence will create a total breakdown in civil order. Fear not, Gartner analyst Whit Andrews says we’ll be here for a while – that the machines are NOT taking … Continued

Digital Directive: What Do CEOs Expect of IT Leaders?

Digital transformation is doing more than changing the enterprise; it’s changing the CIO. Specifically, it’s giving CIOs the chance to be more impactful leaders in the enterprise. And as Gartner Symposium/ITxpo moves into its 2017 campaign, we wanted to see what your CEOs want you to address in this expanded role. What transformation do they … Continued

Is Blockchain Really Ready for Prime Time?

Blockchain seems to be on the lips of every business leader, but should it be on your company’s agenda? We most often associate the technology with the financial industry, but it can be applied to just about any organization, and not just for matters of finance. But is it right for your organization? How would … Continued

Technology Providers Must Adjust to New Customer Reality

We are all wrestling with digital transformation, but tech providers are doing it on two fronts – transforming their own organizations while working to help customers with their initiatives. Gartner is spotlighting the challenges that providers face at the second annual Tech Growth and Innovation Conference, set for June 19th to 21st in Huntington Beach, … Continued

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