What Is Your CEO Thinking?

It’s a question that is top of mind for any IT executive, one that can make or break your career – what is my CEO thinking? Hi, I’m Scott Smith for Gartner ThinkCast, and Mark Raskino knows what CEOs are thinking about. Mark heads up the annual Gartner CEO Survey. “In the majority of our … Continued

Be Your CEO’s Top Digital Ally

CEOs’ digital goals keep getting more ambitious. That can create more success for the enterprise, but it also can create more risk. So, the question that  IT leaders should be thinking is: How can I help my CEO reach those goals? “Fueling out the transformation, that really comes in two parts going out to scale … Continued

Leading in the Digital Age — Part 2

Leaders must evolve to make a significant impact in the digital age. Traditional leadership methods are no longer sufficient on their own. Yet, what must they evolve to? What leadership traits hold greater sway, and which ones will prove less important? Gartner analyst Bard Papegaaij is the lead author of the new Gartner report “Leading … Continued

Leading in the Digital Age — Part 1

Yes, business is constantly changing, but for all the talk of robots and automation, people remain a constant. Still, do we need to change how we are leading those people as move further into the Digital Age? Bard Papegaaij is the lead author of the Gartner report “Leadership in the Digital Age:” “Now a business … Continued

Reshaping the Future: Gartner 2017 Cool Vendors

  Digital transformation is reshaping the way we do business across every industry in every region. So which providers are reshaping digital? Each year Gartner looks out at the cutting edge of IT to the providers who are changing the digital paradigm. We look now at the 2017 honorees of Gartner’s annual Cool Vendors. Chief … Continued

Be a Digital Disruptor

Here’s a guarantee about digital transformation: It will disrupt your life. Home, business, every part of your life will be impacted by digital disruption. The question is, will you just be disrupted, or will you be a disruptor? David Mitchell Smith is a Gartner Fellow and research vice president: “Often, people in companies think only … Continued

GE Transforms into a Digital Enterprise

GE is going digital. Okay, there’s no secret there, as the world’s largest company trumpeted its transformation in commercials, news stories — any platform it could find really. Of course, it’s one thing to say you’re going digital. “Sometimes, the “talking the talk” is just PR spin, right? When you observe GE, actually, a lot … Continued

Embrace the Future of Experience

How we interact with any organization is constantly changing, whether we approach as a customer, an employee or a provider. We all seek an efficient, rewarding experience, but what that experience is can vary wildly depending on our needs and expectations. Gartner unveils its newest research special report, “The Future of Experience,” exploring all facets … Continued

Getting Answers to Your IoT Questions

Gartner ThinkCast listeners, we’ve heard you – you want to know as much as possible about the Internet of Things. Of course, when you’re talking about billions of connected devices and billions of possibilities, that understandably raises billions of questions. We do not have time in this conversation to provide you with billions of answers, … Continued

Mobile Strategy a Key Driver in the Post-App Era

Just as you’re getting your head wrapped around the building all of these applications for digital business, Gartner says we’re moving into the Post-App Era. What gives? We’ll give Gartner Research Managing Vice President Richard Marshall a chance to enlighten us on the Post-App Era – plus why no matter what era we’re in, you … Continued

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