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Global CIO Research Board Global CIO Research Board
Peter Sole

“Digital technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our business, civic and personal lives. Research Board members are leading this digital transformation in the world’s largest, most complex organizations.”

— Peter Sole, CEO, The Research Board

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Deep, objective insight is priceless, and increasingly scarce. The Research Board has conducted research and fostered member conversations for more than 40 years, orchestrating a global ecosystem of members, industry CEOs, venture capitalists, academics and entrepreneurs participating in a mutually enriching exchange based on trust, openness and generosity of spirit.

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True Peer Collaboration

Through the only global CIO community of its kind, members access a true and trusted peer group for mutual support, interaction and learning.

Member-Directed Research

Member-Directed Research

Global CIO members drive the agenda. Facilitated, concise, incisive interactions enable members to explore the broader picture and sharpen their strategic vision.

Representative Research

Phase Change


Considers how the expansion of the Internet is changing competition in member industries through the rise of new marketplaces, ecosystem strategies and contractual models.

The Fourth


Describes how member companies are employing data to create value for customers, with a focus on more open data flows, evolving business models and the necessary mindset shifts.

The Bankside


Describes the organizational patterns and transformation levers member companies are adopting to digitally transform operations, products, channels and marketing.

Figure And


Looks at the growing shift from on-premises client/server software to cloud offerings, as well as the fundamental architectural transition for which "cloud" seems inadequate shorthand.



Examines IT's role in delivering differentiating capability to the business, and finds CIOs in a prime position to forge a new relationship between agility and scale.

North Star


Charts how members can extract value from the increasing digitization of the enterprise by integrating new sources of data, closing the gap between insight and action with predictive and real-time analytics, and building analytical applications that operationalize the insights generated from analytic tools to deliver business outcomes.

The Perfect


Discusses the future of the IT ecosystem as digitalization transforms business and society further, and as the IT industry undergoes a deep transformation that touches its very foundations.



Explores how members are operating IT organizations across heterogeneous markets by strengthening global standards while simultaneously maintaining enough flexibility to stay relevant in emerging markets.

The Edge
of Chaos


Explores complex adaptive systems and the emergence of social media, mobile technology and analytics as supporting tools in more unstructured enterprise business processes – in particular, how they enable knowledge workers to focus on higher-priority tasks and more effectively create value for the customer and the business.

Liminal Spaces


Describes how the relationships between producers and consumers of IT-enabled capabilities are changing, mainly due to the IT industry's renewed emphasis on solution selling and domain expertise, as well as novel approaches that can help companies achieve competitive advantage through data and analytics.



Examines the recent escalations in cyberwarfare, cyberespionage, cyberagitation and cybercrime, and details the information risk management strategies that members are using to fight these scourges – strategies that tend to include anticipation, prevention, detection and response in equal measure.



Focuses on the emergence of three types of digital business models – digital platforms, digital solutions and services, and digital channels – and the opportunities and challenges these models are presenting to members.

Mission-Critical Decision Support

Mission-Critical Decision Support

A sophisticated, highly moderated information exchange enables members to consult a global CIO community on tactical initiatives, learning from best practices and hard-won experience in directly comparable environments.

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