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The Customer Choice Award (CCA) is a recognition of the top vendors in a market that enables end-users to make better decisions with more confidence. Click to see the methodology of CCA and the inaugural award.


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What is Peer Insights?

Peer Insights is Gartner’s peer-driven ratings and reviews platform for enterprise IT solutions and services covering over 170 technology markets and 1300 vendors. Every review is verified before publishing to ensure you only read completely authentic insights from your peers.

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*An eligible reviewer: (i) must have deployed or upgraded the software/services in his/her organization in the last 18 months; (ii) must have been involved in at least one of the following: (a) the purchase decision, (b) implementation and deployment, (c) ongoing service, or (d) as an end-user of the product; (iii) is not employed by (or otherwise affiliated with) the company being reviewed, a direct competitor, or a government or military entity; and (iv) may receive a maximum of 1 gift card per promotion. All federal sector employees are ineligible from receiving an incentive per 5 C.F.R. Part 2635 of the Office of Government Ethics Regulations. If a review is approved, the eligible reviewer will receive the Amazon gift card within 30 days of review submission. Please see Gartner Peer Insights Rules of Engagement for additional details.