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Mobile Devices Are a Major Disrupter for Sales Applications

10 June 2014


Task-driven mobile applications provide greater productivity for salespeople but will require sales application managers to take new approaches to sales force automation (SFA) application delivery. 24/7 access of mobile devices by salespeople will enable sales application managers ...

Analyst(s): Robert P. Desisto

How to Estimate ROI for Customer-Facing Mobile Apps

2 July 2014


Estimating the value of a mobile app for customers is difficult, but IT leaders need to have realistic estimates to prioritize investment. Mobile app creation is different from other enterprise application engineering, so the multidisciplinary costs of development and operation are ...

Analyst(s): Richard Marshall

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: The AIM Market — Preparing for the Digital Industrial Revolution

14 July 2014


What You Need to Know Key Data and Figures Constraint: IT Is a Cornerstone, but Budgets Are Capped Technology Priorities Represent Two Complementary Goals AIM Software Spending Within Enterprise Software AIM Software Spending by Geography AIM Software Spending by Geography — More Than ...

Analyst(s): Fabrizio Biscotti Massimo Pezzini

How Products and Services Are Evaluated in Gartner Critical Capabilities

22 July 2014


Critical Capabilities offer comparative product and service research based on rigorous analysis, and backed by highly structured methodologies. Critical Capabilities help gain a view of the positioning of provider products and services, allowing comparison against a critical set ...

Analyst(s): David Black Julie Thomas

How Markets and Vendors Are Evaluated in Gartner Magic Quadrants

22 July 2014


Gartner Magic Quadrants are based on rigorous analysis backed up by a highly structured methodology. Your interpretation and understanding of a Gartner Magic Quadrant is crucial. It will enable you to get the most from the market analysis in alignment with your unique business and ...

Analyst(s): David Black Julie Thomas

Risk Management Key Initiative Overview

26 June 2014


Risk Management Key Initiative Overview Source: Gartner (June 2014) Risk management is the strategic discipline of assessing, prioritizing, monitoring and controlling the impact of uncertainty on objectives. Gartner's research focus for risk management centers on three dimensions — ...

Analyst(s): John A. Wheeler

Accelerate Digital Workplace Momentum by Understanding How the Brain Works

22 July 2014


Deal with people's perception that even "simple, little" changes to their daily routines can be a significant threat to their reputation and relationships. Determine how much decision latitude to give workers, which requires careful consideration. Use Gartner's Brain Works model to ...

Analyst(s): Carol Rozwell Elise Olding

Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Keynote, 2014

19 June 2014


The business case for business intelligence (BI) has traditionally been centered on "better decision making," for a long time. With BI becoming more directly connected to the business, BI leaders must learn about building proper business cases in order to get further investments approved. ...

Analyst(s): Frank Buytendijk Kurt Schlegel Lisa Kart Rita L. Sallam Ian A. Bertram Neil Chandler Joao Tapadinhas Donald Feinberg

SOA and Application Architecture Key Initiative Overview

16 July 2014


SOA and Application Architecture Key Initiative Overview Source: Gartner (July 2014) Most large and impactful solutions are composites — that is, composite applications or business process management solutions. Effective approaches to designing these solutions are all based on SOA. ...

Analyst(s): Ross Altman Kirk Knoernschild

Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Campaign Management

21 May 2014


Multichannel campaign management (MCCM) processes enable companies to define, orchestrate and communicate offers, both inbound and outbound, to customer segments across multichannel environments, such as websites, mobile, social, direct mail, call centers and email. This approach ...

Analyst(s): Adam Sarner Jennifer S. Beck Julie Hopkins

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