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High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: The AIM Market — Preparing for the Digital Industrial Revolution

14 July 2014


What You Need to Know Key Data and Figures Constraint: IT Is a Cornerstone, but Budgets Are Capped Technology Priorities Represent Two Complementary Goals AIM Software Spending Within Enterprise Software AIM Software Spending by Geography AIM Software Spending by Geography — More Than ...

Analyst(s): Fabrizio Biscotti Massimo Pezzini

How Products and Services Are Evaluated in Gartner Critical Capabilities

22 July 2014


Critical Capabilities offer comparative product and service research based on rigorous analysis, and backed by highly structured methodologies. Critical Capabilities help gain a view of the positioning of provider products and services, allowing comparison against a critical set ...

Analyst(s): David Black Julie Thomas

How Markets and Vendors Are Evaluated in Gartner Magic Quadrants

22 July 2014


Gartner Magic Quadrants are based on rigorous analysis backed up by a highly structured methodology. Your interpretation and understanding of a Gartner Magic Quadrant is crucial. It will enable you to get the most from the market analysis in alignment with your unique business and ...

Analyst(s): David Black Julie Thomas

Risk Management Key Initiative Overview

26 June 2014


Risk Management Key Initiative Overview Source: Gartner (June 2014) Risk management is the strategic discipline of assessing, prioritizing, monitoring and controlling the impact of uncertainty on objectives. Gartner's research focus for risk management centers on three dimensions — ...

Analyst(s): John A. Wheeler

SOA and Application Architecture Key Initiative Overview

16 July 2014


SOA and Application Architecture Key Initiative Overview Source: Gartner (July 2014) Most large and impactful solutions are composites — that is, composite applications or business process management solutions. Effective approaches to designing these solutions are all based on SOA. ...

Analyst(s): Ross Altman Kirk Knoernschild

Agenda Overview for Marketing Management, 2014

21 May 2014


Marketing Management Agenda Overview Source: Gartner (May 2014) Visionary CMOs develop strategies to acquire and retain not just any customer — but the right customer. To accomplish this mission, marketing leaders face new challenges and opportunities to: Engage customers in more robust ...

Analyst(s): Richard Fouts

The Future of Enterprise Applications Is Mobility

9 July 2014


The drive for pervasive access to information on the part of consumers and enterprise employees continues to accelerate, with the near ubiquitous availability of adequate bandwidth and rapid increase of smartphone and tablet adoption making mobile one of the top priorities on a CIO' ...

Analyst(s): Michael Maoz Robert P. Desisto

Social Media Best Practices for SMBs Can Make Success a Reality

23 May 2014


During interactions with clients and in recent primary research, most small or midsize business IT leaders have shown little interest in social technologies. The wide array of internal and external use cases of social media for business is daunting to many SMBs — approximately 75% ...

Analyst(s): Susan Galberaith Jenny Sussin

IT Governance Key Initiative Overview

21 April 2014


IT Governance Key Initiative Overview Source: Gartner (April 2014) IT governance is the system we use to optimize the value of the portfolio of IT-related enterprise investments, and to manage risk. Well-designed governance has two major components, the governance framework and the ...

Analyst(s): Tina Nunno

Cool Vendors 2014: The Digital Age Forces Everyone to Confront 'Big Change'

9 May 2014


The age of digitalization is in full bloom, but comes with challenges that the average organization has yet to overcome. Issues are rising everywhere — from consumers choosing their own technologies to new competitors entering markets traditionally closed to them. In a digitalized ...

Analyst(s): Daryl C. Plummer Michele Cantara

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