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Consider All Cost Elements When Planning for an Internet of Things Initiative

1 July 2015


The costs of the items required to set up Internet of Things initiatives vary substantially by vertical. Despite different implementations, a large proportion of the cost components are similar. The cost of some assets has a great risk of changing. Commoditization and standardization ...

Analyst(s): Federica Troni

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: The State of Hyperconverged Integrated Systems in Midsize Enterprises

15 June 2015


Gartner Data Center Market Segments What Do Midsize Enterprises Expect From Data Center Modernization? Agenda The Status of the Integrated System Market Integrated Systems — Definition and Segmentation All Eyes on Midmarket Integrated Systems Forecast How Integrated Systems Have Become ...

Analyst(s): Kiyomi Yamada Jeffrey Hewitt Mike Cisek

Five Innovation Tips to Improve the Customer Experience

4 June 2015


Innovation initiatives and customer experience projects face a lot of common challenges: They run counter to how enterprises are organized; they are easily appreciated as important but rarely as urgent; and the people running the initiatives are almost never in a position to mandate ...

Analyst(s): Mary Mesaglio

Customer Experience Is the New Competitive Battlefield

4 June 2015


Customer experience management is top of the CEO's agenda — see CEOs, CIOs and chief marketing officers have become interested in this topic because low-cost and ubiquitous access to information for customers, the rise of globalization, and the "death of distance" mean that customers ...

Analyst(s): Ed Thompson Jake Sorofman

Orchestrating a New Digital Business Model for the City of Vancouver

13 August 2015


Incorporated in 1886, the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, is a scenic seaport on Canada’s Pacific coast. With a 2014 operating budget of CAD$1.2 billion (US$977 million), the city provides services to its population of 603,500. To provide greater value for its citizens and businesses, ...

Analyst(s): Ed Gabrys Tina Nunno

Gartner's Hype Cycles for 2015: Five Megatrends Shift the Computing Landscape

12 August 2015


Gartner Hype Cycles will help board members, corporate executives, IT leaders and professionals, and all business managers whose work depends on IT to discuss investment choices in technology, services and disciplines (see ). In addition, Hype Cycles can help technology and service providers ...

Analyst(s): Betsy Burton David A. Willis

Advancing Business With Advanced Analytics

9 July 2015


Leading organizations in almost all industries are embracing advanced analytics as they start to realize the vast opportunities and impact it can bring to solving complex business problems. Advanced analytics can save lives, reduce customer churn and make equipment safer. By achieving ...

Analyst(s): Alexander Linden

Focus on Startups and Small Vendors as Drivers for IoT Innovation

26 June 2015


Gartner research reveals the Internet of Things (IoT) as one of the most active areas for innovation, with more IoT appearances in our Cool Vendors reports than any other technology market. Some 71 Cool Vendors in Gartner's 2015 research are focused on IoT technologies of many kinds. ...

Analyst(s): Jim Tully

Follow the Leaders: Digital Business Is a Big Opportunity to Evolve Your EA Practice

3 July 2015


Digital business is transforming industries and organizations in unexpected ways — introducing new business models and technologies. There are no certain answers, and organizations must adopt an iterative learning approach to digital business. Enterprise architecture (EA) must evolve ...

Analyst(s): Marcus Blosch Betsy Burton Mike J. Walker

Cybersecurity Scenario 2020 Phase 2: Guardians for Big Change

20 July 2015


Business imperatives have driven the convergence of the Internet of people, computers and things, transforming most enterprises into digital businesses and reshaping cybersecurity. New organizational cybersecurity changes are being shaped by the convergence of its degree of openness ...

Analyst(s): Earl Perkins F. Christian Byrnes

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