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Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management

4 August 2015


... includes support for content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO)/search engine marketing, and email marketing. Content management ... B2B lead management messaging. CallidusCloud Marketing Automation supports SEO and email marketing, campaign management, A/B testing ... functionality in the areas of blogs, landing pages, SEO and social media apps. These features allow HubSpot ...

Analyst(s): Chris Fletcher Jason Daigler

Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

29 September 2014


... -based services (e.g., search engine optimization [SEO]/search engine marketing [SEM], analytics, store optimization and ... It also got below-average ratings on SEO capabilities, release management and upgrade flexibility, as well ... management, merchandising, shopping cart management, segmentation/personalization, integrated SEO, and search merchandising. Oracle Commerce 11 series includes ...

Analyst(s): Chris Fletcher Gene Alvarez Praveen Sengar Penny Gillespie David Kohler

Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce

28 April 2015


... -owned devices Marketing and search engine optimization (SEO); the ability to manage and support paid and natural search, including SEO In addition to the core functionality described above, ...

Analyst(s): Penny Gillespie Chris Fletcher David Kohler Jason Daigler Gene Alvarez

Market Guide for Digital Commerce Marketing Providers

1 July 2015


... agnostic commerce experiences. Navigation and search — Search, including SEO, SEM and on-site search, to improve ... include segmentation; personalization; analytics and A/B testing; SEO and SEM; offer management; mobile marketing and commerce; ... for offers and recommendation, promotion, conversion optimization and SEO. An ecosystem of partners and developers provide pre ...

Analyst(s): Jennifer Polk Jake Sorofman Kirsten Newbold-Knipp

IT Market Clock for Digital Commerce, 2015

19 August 2015


... Definition: Enterprise search differs from search engine optimization (SEO) and management in that the content being searched ... back-office integration via APIs, reporting, and SEO capabilities. Trend Analysis: The digital commerce platform market ... and technologies. This includes analytics, search tools and SEO features, and security and integration with social and ...

Analyst(s): Jason Daigler

A Guidance Framework for Implementing and Maintaining Effective Enterprise Search

7 April 2015


... Pipeline Source: Gartner (April 2015) Search engine optimization (SEO) Search engine optimization (SEO) Gartner defines metadata as "information regarding the characteristics ... be encouraged to follow basic search engine optimization (SEO) practices. These are not only applicable to publicly ...

Analyst(s): Darin Stewart

How to Build a Digital Commerce Marketing Strategy

27 March 2015


... digital marketing talent (i.e., search engine optimization [SEO]) or agencies (i.e., media buying)? Financial support — ... share resources, such as subject matter expert in SEO. Bring in a temporary consultant to fill the ...

Analyst(s): Jennifer Polk

Content Marketing Comes of Age

12 March 2015


... organic audience sources, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and unpaid social, have become more competitive and challenging to master. Common SEO tactics, such as high-volume link building ...

Analyst(s): Jake Sorofman Kirsten Newbold-Knipp

Insurance CIOs Need to Review Their Strategy for Native Mobile Customer Apps

13 May 2015


... 52% passed Google's mobile search engine optimization (SEO) test because of small fonts or other Web ... insurers, we found considerable differences between the mobile SEO optimization in Western and APAC markets. Sixty- ...

Analyst(s): Juergen Weiss

Maturity Model for Translation and Localization of Websites and Applications

21 August 2015


... play in the consumer experience lends importance to SEO and content-based marketing (also known as " ... customized workflows, terminology management, global brand management, international SEO, insights/reporting and analytics. Siloes are broken down ...

Analyst(s): Ray Valdes Bill Maskiell Stephen Charko

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