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Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce

20 June 2016


... and ecosystem applications such as WCM, PIM, OM, SEO, marketing and payment. It has a global footprint ... marketing integration functions (excluding analytics, promotions/offer management, SEO, marketing revenue and attribution) require the premium plan ... platform supports the seller's ability to maximize SEO results and a shopper's ability to easily ...

Analyst(s): Penny Gillespie Chris Fletcher Jason Daigler Sandy Shen Yanna Dharmasthira Mike Lowndes

Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs

5 January 2016


... Neustar also lacks native support for SEM and SEO, although clients can integrate search data into its ... are also a plus. Search engine marketing, including search engine optimization, paid search advertising and search retargeting. Offline integration ...

Analyst(s): Andrew Frank Jake Sorofman Martin Kihn Christi Eubanks

Critical Capabilities for Digital Marketing Hubs

19 April 2016


... of hubs that have significant search engine optimization (SEO) support. This, along with content, contributes to its ... active, shared-services environment. Includes support for SEO, paid search advertising and search retargeting. Includes the ...

Analyst(s): Andrew Frank Jake Sorofman Martin Kihn

Three Keys to Success for B2B Inbound Marketers

3 May 2016


... updates for a glimpse of the future of SEO. With these updates, Google de-emphasized keywords ... new practice, search marketing techniques are constantly evolving. SEO practices are in a constant race to keep ... updates, mobile has been a big driver of SEO's evolution. PPC, one of marketers' highly used ...

Analyst(s): Adam Sarner Noah Elkin

CMO Insight: Three Keys to Success for B2B Inbound Marketers

22 June 2016


... -click ads and organic search engine optimization (SEO) to: Drive inquiries, leads and content sharing among ... the goal of these assets — in conjunction with SEO best practices — as boosting the relevance of your ... and Bing). These include paid search advertising and SEO, which elevates a site's position on a ...

Analyst(s): Adam Sarner

Creating a Great Web UX Across Multiple Devices Requires More Than Responsive Design

29 August 2016


... that can be accomplished using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, for example: Notifying the search engines that ... users will search to find your web application. SEO is an important part of a successful web application and requires an expert. Acquire expertise in SEO to create the proper strategy that improves the ...

Analyst(s): Brad Dayley

Building Modern Web Applications With ReactJS, HTML5 and JavaScript

14 April 2016


... JavaScript tools to speed up and automate testing. SEO-friendly React's model allows you to ... generated UI elements visible to search engine optimization (SEO) crawlers. SEO crawlers see the rendered React components, which provides ... other methods to make dynamic elements visible to SEO crawlers. Adoption serves as an indicator for how ...

Analyst(s): Brad Dayley

Market Insight: Conversational Commerce — Hype or Reality?

29 July 2016


... conversational commerce platforms. Throttle down search engine optimization (SEO)/search engine marketing (SEM) spend as this new ... messaging platforms, making their position further entrenched Make search engine optimization efforts less effective, since money shifts to contextual ... operating system proof of concept search engine marketing search engine optimization Short Message Service strength, weakness, opportunity and threat ...

Analyst(s): Jessica Ekholm Anthony Mullen

Algorithmic Marketing Essentials

4 August 2016


... deal with nonhuman requests for information (similar to SEO) and how to use available information to best ... Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. Disciplines such as SEO will evolve into more complex algorithmic and cooperative ...

Analyst(s): Andrew Frank

Cool Vendors in Mobile Marketing, 2016

22 April 2016


... product enables a company's search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to drive dynamically created pages for a ...

Analyst(s): Mike McGuire Stephanie Baghdassarian