2017 CEO Survey [Infographic]

The 2017 CEO Survey provides insights on CEO goals and how to scale digital business.

Infographic of the 2017 CEO Survey from Gartner

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Survey Highlights
Learn about the CEOs’ concerns and priorities in the Highlights of the 2017 CEO Survey: CIOs Must Scale Up Digital Business

Client Research
Clients can view the full survey results in the research report 2017 CEO Survey: CIOs Must Scale Up Digital Business

2017 CIO Conferences
Gartner analysts, and industry leaders will discuss key issues facing the CIO during Gartner’s CIO conferences taking place May 8-9 in Magaliesburg, South Africa, May 18-19 in Munich, June 6-8 in Toronto and August 29 – 31 in Cancun.  You can follow news and updates from the event on Twitter using #GartnerCIO.

CIO Leadership hub
Visit Gartner CIO Leadership Hub for complimentary research and webinars.