Gartner Policies

Usage Guidelines for Gartner Services

Analyst Inquiry Usage Guidelines

We welcome you to call us if you are a Gartner Licensed User with Analyst Inquiry Service.

You may use our Analyst Inquiry Calls (or Written Responses, where approved) to discuss:

  1. Company related issues
  2. Interpretation of Gartner Research
  3. Basic technology reviews of business-related documents (up to 20 pages)

NOTE: Non-Users, inside or outside the Client company, may not participate on Inquiry Calls or receive copies of Written Responses.

Best Practices for using Analyst Inquiry

What if I want to use Analyst Inquiry...

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Who in my company can join me on an Analyst Inquiry call?

What may I share from the Analyst Inquiry call and who may I share it with?

May I record Analyst Inquiry calls?

What if product purchased has different Analyst Inquiry entitlements from Usage Guidelines?

How may I share Analyst Written Responses and who may I share them with?

Updated as of 4 August 2014