Gartner Policies

Gartner Usage Policy

Research Documents – Internal Use (within your company)

We welcome you, the Licensed User, to open as many Gartner Research documents as you like: for your personal use within your job and within the scope of your Service.

While you may print one hard copy of a Gartner Research document for your personal use in your job role, as a general rule Gartner Research documents cannot be shared:

  1. With individual non-Users; or
  2. Via email, intranet posting, or other information storage & retrieval systems.

If your job role requires you to share Gartner Research internally with your colleagues, you may:

  1. Briefly summarize* the Gartner Research in your own words for your project team or senior-level decision makers (attributing Gartner as the source).
  2. Include small excerpt* of Gartner Research (e.g., a few lines of text not to exceed 5 sentences, a paragraph, or a specific graphic) in an internal report or presentation (attributing Gartner as the source).

*NOTE: This is an acceptable use so long as it is:

  1. not done on a systematic or routine basis (e.g., by a Licensed User who consistently distributes a periodic summary or excerpt of Gartner Research or who leverages a company business process that allows non-Users to routinely approach the Licensed User to meet their Gartner Research needs);
  2. limited to an internal audience only of no more than 15 people; and
  3. not done with the intent or effect of avoiding the purchase of additional User licenses.

Best Practices for using Gartner Research

What if I want to use Gartner Research internally within my company:

For my own personal use or for a colleague?

As a summary with a small group of colleagues in a business meeting?

As an excerpt/quote for an internal project?

As the entire Gartner Research document or summaries for my colleagues in a way that is aligned to my entitlements?

As the entire Gartner Research document with a department or company wide audience in a way that is aligned to my entitlements?

By storing on my laptop or office computer/device?

And am willing to purchase additional entitlements?

For Gartner market forecast and/or market share data?

REMINDER: This is a baseline license that may vary depending on your purchased product. Click here for further guidance.

Updated as of April 2016