Vendor Briefings

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fast track my application?
Request a maximum of 2 analysts for 30-minutes and submit a completed Vendor Briefing application along with analyst agreement e-mails to the closest regional contact center at right. Within 2 business days we will provide you with the next availability for the requested analysts.

Do I need to submit a completed application for each request?
Yes. The vendor briefing application is the primary resource that the analysts use to base their acceptance to a briefing. Incomplete forms or insufficient information may impact analyst acceptance.To request a briefing with Gartner analysts, complete our Vendor Briefing online form.

What if I have multiple vendor briefing topics?
Complete and submit a separate application for each unique request for different sets of analysts. If requesting a briefing on several topics, but with the same set of analysts, consolidate your request into one briefing session and one Vendor Briefing application.

May I brief multiple analysts individually on the same topic?
No; our analysts prefer one briefing, scheduled with all relevant analysts, which serves for a more productive and beneficial briefing.

May I schedule a vendor briefing to take place at a conference site?
No, conference sites are not an effective means for conducting vendor briefings as it limits your exposure to all relevant analysts. In addition, analysts attending conferences are quite busy conducting several presentations, engaging with numerous client meetings and tend not to have the time or bandwidth to properly devote their attention to a vendor briefing.

Do I have to provide an electronic slide deck presentation for a scheduled vendor briefing?
Yes, all briefings should be accompanied with a presentation. Our analysts will take notes directly on your electronic presentation which will then be posted to Gartner's central repository accessible by all analysts, especially those analysts who were unable to attend a briefing. Please send your presentation to the Vendor Briefing specialist 3 business days prior to a scheduled briefing as it allows our analysts sufficient preparation for the briefing.

What can I expect as a Gartner vendor client?
Research coverage is blind to client status, and analysts consider their objectivity to be a "badge of honor". To ensure the integrity of the research process, client-requested briefings are processed in the same manner as non-client requests. In addition, analyst feedback is not provided during a vendor briefing session.

May I submit my request through my Account Executive
No, as vendor briefings are research tools and not client deliverables. Submit all requests directly to the closest regional contact center at your right. Sales Account Executives should not be involved in the vendor briefing process as this could potentially affect objectivity.

What's the difference between a vendor briefing and a client inquiry?
An inquiry is a service deliverable accessible by Gartner client seat holders only:
Inquiries are generally related only to the interpretation or application of Gartner research, and are satisfied in less than 30 minutes of analyst discussion and/or research. Scheduling is facilitated by the Inquiry Center.

  • Inquiries requiring extensive analysis or additional research by the analyst are not covered by this agreement.
  • During inquiries, the flow of information is mostly from analyst to vendor and can be highly interactive.

A vendor briefing is not a service deliverable and may be requested by both Gartner clients and non-clients:
  • Vendor briefings are an opportunity for vendors to present their product, business plans and strategies to Gartner analysts.
  • Analysts may ask clarification questions, however Vendors will not receive analyst feedback.
  • During briefings, the flow of information is strictly from vendor to analysts and is not an interactive analyst feedback session.

How do I know if Gartner covers my technology? Which analysts may be interested in my vendor briefing?
To identify which topics are covered by Gartner analysts, view Analyst Coverage Areas.

Is the Gartner's audio conference bridge necessary?
Yes, please, as all vendor briefings are recorded and the audio recording is posted to Gartner's central repository accessible by all analysts. Our analysts use audio recording for post-briefing reference; it is also used by analysts who were not able to attend the briefing.

May I request an in-person vendor briefing?
Yes; however, almost all scheduled briefings take place via phone using Gartner's audio conference bridge as our analysts are located around the world, and phone briefings are more efficient. Only request face-to-face briefings when you need to demonstrate a product or tool. Face-to-face briefings typically require 3-6 weeks' lead time.

How does Gartner handle Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and information under embargo?
Gartner policy discourages the use of formal NDAs. However, analysts will keep strategic background information confidential and will embargo news pending an announcement or press release. Vendors should be specific about what information should be embargoed, for how long and how the analyst will know that the embargo has been lifted. Information imparted during briefings is considered public, unless specifically cited as confidential or embargoed until a specific date.

Regional Contacts for Vendor Briefings

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