Vendor Briefings

A vendor briefing is a research tool for industry analysts, and an opportunity for IT vendors to present its products, services and business strategies with analysts that cover the vendor specifically or a related technology or market. During a vendor briefing, the flow of information predominates from vendor to analysts and is not interactive. Analysts may ask questions of clarification during a briefing session, however, analyst feedback is not the focus and should not play a part or role within any given vendor briefing session. Gartner analysts schedule briefings at their discretion based purely on an interest in the vendor, its technologies and its marketplace, not because of any fee or contractual relationship.

Requesting a Vendor Briefing
To request a briefing with Gartner analysts, complete our Vendor Briefing online form. If you are not a Gartner client, please complete a one-time registration prior to filling out the Vendor Briefing online form

Vendor Briefing Process and Typical Lead Time
Within one business day of submitting your completed application, your request is assigned to a vendor briefing specialist who will e-mail you point of contact information for processing and a reference number for tracking. To gauge analysts interest the specialist will disseminate your request to the relevant analysts who will typically respond to the briefings team with Yes or No to your request within 2-3 business days. Lead times for scheduling analyst accepted briefings are dependent upon analyst responsiveness and availability and are typically scheduled 2-4 weeks out. The lead time significantly increases for requests exceeding 2 analysts or when a Gartner or industry event is taking place.

Scheduling a Vendor Briefing
Historically, 70% of briefings have occurred in two briefing seasons: mid-October to the end of February and mid-April to the end of July. These briefing seasons coincide with analyst research agendas and the development of conference presentations. Off-season briefings are welcome and expected, but are more difficult to schedule due to conference participation and other business travel. In general, the more analysts requested, the longer it will take to schedule.

Typical Venue for a Vendor Briefing
Vendor briefings are typically 30-60 minutes in length with 1-2 analysts and are conducted via phone using Gartner's audio conference bridge. Dialing instructions are provided upon analyst confirmation. Audio briefings are recorded and accessible by Gartner analysts after the call. Face-to-face briefings are infrequent and are scheduled at the analyst's discretion and based upon analyst travel requirements.

Maximizing Time with Analysts During a Vendor Briefing
The best approach is to provide the analysts with a concise story that clearly presents all your major points in less than five minutes. Who are you? What does your company do and why is it worth investigating? What services and products do you offer? Why do your customers buy your product or service? What business problems does it solve? What differentiates your product from existing products and services? Where do you fit in the market relative to your top competitors? When will you complete your next important milestones? More information on how to effectively interact with Gartner and deliver compelling briefing presentations to analysts can be found below:

Resource Documents
Vendor Briefing Overview.

  • Overview: Process and best practices

Vendor Briefing Sample Agenda.
  • Overview: Key agenda topics to consider highlighting during your briefing presentation

Getting "Gartnered": How Technology Providers Can Work With Gartner
(written presentation) (audio presentation)
  • Overview: Gartner analysts, Gareth Herschel and Matthew Goldman, provide an inside view of how to work with the Gartner Research Organization, and offer their recommendations for your success as an analyst relations professional.

Gartner Analyst Perspectives on Vendor Briefings (written overview)
  • Overview: Gartner analyst, Michael Maoz, provides some best practices for effective vendor-analyst engagement during briefings

Gartner Magic Quadrant FAQs
  • These questions address what we hear most often from end users and vendors about the Gartner process.

Inviting Analysts to a Research-Focused Vendor Industry Event
The Vendor Briefing department manages analyst invitations for attendance at vendor industry events where broad, company strategic overviews are presented to the industry analyst community at large. These typically include a program of focused, drill-down sessions and 1-1 executive meetings. E-mail the closest regional contact center at right - please do not contact the analysts directly. To fast track your request, please type "Vendor-Event Invitation" in the subject line of your e-mail.

Within one business day, your request will be assigned to a vendor briefing specialist who will respond via e-mail with contact information and a reference number for tracking. The vendor briefing specialist will disseminate your invitation to the relevant group research managers and primary/lead analyst for approval to ensure appropriate analyst attendance. The approved analysts' calendars will be booked and a final list of analysts that will attend the event will typically be supplied within 10 business days.

Vendors that agree to reimburse analysts for their travel to an industry event need to sign a vendor-paid travel agreement and, when appropriate, provide a purchase order to facilitate the invoicing process. Analysts are not permitted to book travel arrangements until the vendor briefing specialist has received a signed agreement and, when appropriate, a purchase order.

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Gartner's Policy on Non-Disclosure Agreements
Gartner's business depends not only on the free flow of information and opinion, but also on our ability to be responsible stewards of confidential information. Vendors and end-users ask Gartner analysts on occasion to agree to NDAs before communicating information they regard as confidential. This policy discusses the typical situations in which our analysts may be asked to enter into NDAs, and the policy and process for dealing with such requests.

Click here for more details on our NDA policy

Submit feedback to the management contact closest to your location:

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