Gartner Consulting helps our clients deliver IT projects with high business impact.

Our experienced practitioners tailor our proven solutions to clients' specific issues to help them achieve their top priorities and drive business value.

Two of our key differentiators are:

  • Our independence and objectivity — a key part of the Gartner brand as the world's leading IT research firm
  • Our unrivalled access to intellectual property — our technology research, the world's leading IT benchmarking databases, and IT contract information

These differentiators provide our clients with both speed and confidence in making tough IT decisions, and create an environment of rich opportunity for our associates to keep learning and growing in their careers.

Our Consultants:

  • Have years of proven experience in consulting and industry
  • Are self-motivated leaders dedicated to providing business value to their clients
  • Have expertise in a broad range of technology-related solutions
  • Take both pragmatic and innovative approaches to consulting problem-solving on client engagements

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Career Opportunities

Career opportunities in Gartner Consulting comprise the three paths below. These tracks reflect the capabilities and skills required to deliver high-quality service to our clients and provide a common global language for career development. Each includes aspects of the others — what differs is the major focus and principal metrics.

Business Development associates focus on business strategy and growth, as well as the health and management of the consulting practice. Typical responsibilities include client management, account planning, development and sales. These associates expand the consulting business by proactively identifying and developing new clients.

Associates also develop capabilities for managing the business, including business strategies and business planning. Fostering an environment that attracts and retains high-performing associates, and ensuring organizational capability, also fall within this career path.

Client Service associates focus on delivering high-quality solutions that exceed client expectations. Associates prepare to serve as program or engagement managers for major, complex initiatives and/or key clients. They develop capabilities for building strong project teams, managing project performance and overseeing deliverable quality, budgets and risk management. They become responsible for managing relationships with senior-level client management.

Subject-Matter Expert associates provide Gartner with significant depth in a business or technical capability or industry vertical. They are recognized by peers and clients as thought leaders in their specialty areas.

These associates support the sales process by developing innovative solutions for addressing client needs. They may deliver solutions in their specialty areas or mentor associates on project teams. Subject-Matter Experts develop the capabilities to play a critical role in the development of solution strategies, methodologies and intellectual capital. They support business development by overseeing the creation of reusable intellectual property and ensuring organizational capability through knowledge sharing. In addition, they enhance delivery by ensuring deliverable quality.

Global Opportunities

Seventy percent of the Fortune 1000 and 76% of the Global 500 enterprises are Gartner clients. That, coupled with a worldwide client network spanning 85 countries, ensures a global context to our consultants' daily work.

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