The 2016 Gartner CIO Agenda

Are you doing the right things to lead in this new digital era?

Find out what Gartner has learned from 2,944 CIOs this year that will inform your decisions for 2016 and beyond.

Building the Digital Platform: The 2016 CIO Agenda

  • As digitalization moves from an innovative trend to a core competency, enterprises will need to understand and exploit platform effects throughout all aspects of their businesses. Not doing so will threaten their ability to: deliver; attract and retain talent; and have their products/services perceived as value-adding by customers. Are you ready?

    The deepening of digital means that lines are becoming increasingly blurred, and boundaries semiporous — both inside and outside the enterprise — as multiple networks of stakeholders bring value to each other by exploiting and exploring platform dynamics. "Platformizing" their approach to bimodal delivery, talent and leadership presents CIOs with an enormous opportunity to orchestrate these layers of the business, create value for their enterprise and become a key digital leader.