Gartner Executive Programs

Gartner for Leadership Development

Gartner for Leadership Development equips members with the insight, tools and core competencies they need to become CIOs and/or senior IT executives. Members tap into Gartner expertise and insight focused on the CIO role while they accelerate their progress toward attaining their career goals.

IT know-how isn't enough. Gartner for Leadership Development prepares members to be leaders. Members develop the core competencies they will call upon every day as a senior IT executive. They discover how CIOs earn the respect of CxO peers. Members access targeted content that is reviewed and hand-selected by a dedicated role service director, all focused on accelerating members' progress toward becoming senior IT executives.

Gartner for Leadership Development prepares members to become world-class senior IT executives.

As a member, you will:

  • Develop the core competencies of a CIO—and be an effective CIO leader from your first day on the job
  • Gain access to exclusive, CIO-focused Gartner content
  • Understand the CIO landscape and gain perspective on the issues you will face every day
  • Prepare to interview for—and win—your first CIO position

Leverage these tools to achieve success in your career:

  • CIO-focused content. Exclusive, CIO-specific research and expert commentary is available through your must-read Gartner for Leadership Development portal every day.
  • Personalized access. Gartner client service experts help you maximize the value of your membership by using every aspect of the program.
  • Set your goals and measure your progress with biannual calls with a Gartner CIO expert.
  • Develop your skills. Each year, attend the Academy for Leadership Development to gain the insight and skills you will call on every day as a CIO.
  • Access on-demand online tutorials.
  • Peer networking. Network with other members through the online member directory and virtual events.