The Gartner benchmark validated that we were receiving competitive pricing for the service levels we expected. The benchmark was useful in paving the way for our contract extension.
Michael Gold
Director, European Services, Amway (Germany)
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Gartner Consulting makes extensive use of Gartner Research in our solutions and engagements across multiple industries.


Academic institutions face broader and more complex challenges than ever before. The global economic crisis has challenged many institutions to keep pace with varying demands from students, parents, and policy makers. Many senior executives are considering cost reduction mandates while at the same time addressing investment in critical areas such as qualified faculty, research infrastructure, student safety and wellness, and business process improvements. Gartner has extensive experience assisting K-12 and higher education organizations address opportunities and business challenges through leverage of information technology.


We understand the key issues you are facing.
  • Administrative and operations support continue to be significant investments that require robust technology enablement solutions
  • Gaining "just-in-time" insights from current data is challenging due to largely decentralized operations
  • Effective management of large amounts of hardcopy and electronic documents and other digital data represents significant opportunity for improvement
  • Shared or consolidated administrative and technology services as well as strategic outsourcing are being considered to address cost reduction and business improvement needs
  • Leadership in global sustainability initiatives has gained unified support, including recognition of importance of "green" IT requirements
  • Hybrid learning, on-line learning, and content delivery strategies are being addressed
  • Cohesive and integrated student lifecycle management, from recruitment to alumni relations, require accurate data and end-to-end delivery processes
  • Virtual collaboration capabilities are critical for advancements in research and academic curriculum


We have the data, tools and capabilities to help.
  • Deep and broad knowledge of all facets of administrative systems and business processes
  • Up-to-date trends and perspectives on a continuously evolving vendor marketplace
  • Experience in challenges integrating new systems into legacy environments with a diverse set of stakeholders and decision makers
  • Methodologies, tools, and decision support data that have been developed and refined "in the heat of battle," and are continuously refreshed and improved
  • Experienced consultants and analysts with understanding of unique requirements and organizational considerations


We are familiar with the demands of your industry.