If we didn't have cool customers, being a cool vendor wouldn't mean much. At InfinityQS, we've spent over 20 years working with the world's top manufacturers to develop a smart global quality platform that works well in any shop floor environment. Today, we are a Gartner Cool Vendor in Manufacturing Operations. We believe this is because from day one our customers' success has been our greatest driving factor.

Take Trek, for instance, who are using the ProFicient on Demand cloud to send the manufacturing data from seven key suppliers in China to their headquarters in Wisconsin. The collaborative system offers advantages to both sides. Engineers and product managers in the U.S. can access critical product data to set benchmarks for supplier development and continuous improvement. The suppliers in China are realizing the benefits of process control analysis in order to drive down the need for sorting, scrap, and rework and are ultimately reducing cycle times. Read more.

Michael A. Lyle,
President & CEO

  • Cool Vendors in Manufacturing Operations, 2012
  • L. Eriksen | S. Jacobson
  • 10 April 2012
  • The 2012 crop of Cool Vendors in manufacturing operations illustrates the importance manufacturers place on product quality and safety, as well as safe and reliable production operations. The vendors apply innovative approaches to tackling these high-priority issues.

    Key Findings
    • Combining real-time data and risk assessment models is a paradigm shift in the world of safety management, opening the door to new levels of safety performance.
    • Cloud-based product quality and compliance services provide a cost-effective and sustainable way to reduce the risks of supply chain disruption and/or noncompliance to proliferating regulations.
    • Production excellence in process manufacturing requires operations intelligence (OI) – that is, a purpose-built analytical tool with the ability to consume data from diverse sources.
    • Effective asset management is a balance between effectiveness and efficiency. Adding greater scientific rigor to the process requires new approaches and tools.

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