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Beyond listening – integrating and acting
upon social media data

Valerie Logan – Vice President Strategy and Portfolio, HP Enterprise Services, Information Management & Analytics

Social intelligence is not just a technical capability to enhance your business strategy. Instead, it amplifies the importance of moments- harnessing the power of human interactions through live social channels.
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2012 Strategic Road Map for Business Gets Social

Carol Rozwell January 17th, 2012

The social media strategy that fits an enterprise best will vary, depending on its organizational model and focus. Gartner's four scenarios will help social media leaders develop a strategy appropriate to an enterprise's business goals.


Many enterprises have experimented with social media and now want to develop a strategy that supports business goals. Gartner's strategic road map presents four different models that show enterprises what their social media initiatives should look like and what steps to take to succeed.

Key Findings


Strategic Planning Assumptions

By 2014, refusing to communicate with customers via social channels will be as harmful as ignoring emails or phone calls is today.

By 2014, less than 20% of large enterprises will block all access to external social media, down from approximately 50% in 2011.

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