The Apple Effect

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Apple continues to grow and increase both unit shipments and market share. This special report explores an inflection point on the horizon which will cause Apple and competitors to change and evolve their business models in order to fuel the next wave of growth and innovation.

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Gartner's Apple Research

Market Trends: Horizontalization of Apps Offers Opportunities and Challenges In the Digital Consumer Market

17 April 2013

The evolution of personal cloud will increase pressure from consumers to access their apps and content, regardless of device or platform used. This will result in the creation of new types of horizontal ecosystems in the digital consumer market that app developers must cater for.

What If Apple Were to Move Its Processors from Samsung to Pure-Play Foundries?

26 November 2012

Gartner discusses in a "what if" scenario the semiconductor supply chain impact of the hypothetical event that Apple started outsourcing its wafers for A6, A6X and A7 application processors to pure-play foundries.

SWOT: Apple iCloud, Personal Cloud Ecosystem

22 November 2012

Apple has transitioned from a vendor focused on PCs as the hub of consumers' digital activities, to a digital ecosystem driven by Apple's iCloud, the core service driving Apple's personal cloud services and a key feature in all its hardware products.

Forecast: Devices by Operating System and User Type, Worldwide, 2010-2017, 1Q13 Update

21 June 2013

Android will take increasing share across the device landscape, driven by the penetration into the phone market.

Gartner Webinar: PC, Tablet and Mobile Phone Forecast, Worldwide, 1Q13 Update

16 April 2013

We increasingly believe individuals will shift personal consumption activity exclusively to tablets, and content creation tasks to a shared PC. This will increase the available market for tablets as PCs are increasingly retired but not actually replaced through 2017.

Market Trends: Sluggish PC Sales in Latin America Will Be Offset by Smartphones and Tablets

14 May 2013

A growing number of first-time computing device users will permanently bypass PCs in favor of smartphones and tablets. PC, tablet and smartphone vendors need to understand what types and tiers of devices Latin Americans want and adapt to these purchase preferences.

Market Trends: CSPs Focus on Reducing Subsidies for the iPhone

21 June 2013

The popularity of the Apple iPhone has strengthened communications service providers' brands and revenue since 2007, but there are signs that its special appeal is waning. CSPs should work with Apple to create more favorable terms of sale.

Market Trends: Apple's Effect on Consumer Apps Ecosystems, Worldwide, 2013

21 June 2013

Consumers increasingly want to use their apps on multiple devices and operating systems. This is prompting Apple and other consumer ecosystems to use different approaches to horizontalization. Consumer ecosystems providers should create differentiated ecosystems of third-party apps.

The Consumer Scenario for Technology Providers

26 June 2013

The global consumer technology and service market is poised to hit $2.7 trillion within three years, though within this there is likely to be large-scale substitution of revenue between products. Tablets and the horizontalization of apps are areas that will bring most change.

India is Not Ready to Become the Next China for Apple's iOS Devices Yet

28 June 2013

Apple's iPhone growth in India is surprising, as sales grew 29% and 80% year over year in 4Q12 and 1Q13 respectively. The market in India is not ready to become the next China for Apple, but device vendors and manufacturers must take notice by reviewing their approach across several important areas.

An Apple Inflection Point and the Effect on Technology Service Providers

26 June 2013

Apple's growth in the mobile market challenged an industry to react to its success. An Apple inflection point in 2013 will cause both Apple and competitors to innovate and evolve their business models for continued growth.

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