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The media industry must find ways to cut costs while offering consumers more choice (and participation) in their media experiences while enabling profitable new revenue streams. For media companies that can adapt quickly, ubiquitous bandwidth and low-cost tools offer tremendous promise. But exploiting those opportunities is no small feat. Gartner research offers valuable insight on the evolving role of information, operational and consumer technologies, including mobile and wireless devices.

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Three Signs Your Social Media Strategy Is Harming Your Customer Experience, and What to Do About It

Organizations have the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction, value and loyalty through social media, but IT application leaders supporting customer-facing initiatives must ensure they are part of an enterprise-scale strategy or risk harming the customer experience.

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User Experience Design: From Web to Mobile to Social

Many organizations now realize that a high-quality user experience (UX) can provide competitive business advantage. Enterprises are adopting the technologies and practices pioneered by leading consumer Web properties (e.g., Amazon, Google and Facebook). The challenge is that the Web is evolving toward social and mobile, which means designers must stretch further, to cover these new bases.

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Hype Cycles

The wave of the future — or just hype? Gartner Hype Cycles show the difference. Use our Hype Cycles to get educated about the promise of an emerging technology within the context of your industry.

Magic Quadrants

Magic Quadrants and MarketScopes offer visual snapshots of a market's direction, maturity and participants. Which Vendors are leaders, visionaries, challengers or niche players?

Vendor Ratings

Gartner Vendor Ratings assess all the different aspects of a technology provider, such as its strategy, organization, products, technology, marketing, financials and support. Use Vendor Ratings to assess the technology providers in your industry.

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