Architect Digital Platforms to Deliver Business Value and Outcomes

Digital business platforms empower flexible and dynamic digital business. Executing digital business will require a digital platform that evolves as business opportunities and threats change. To enable this, CIOs must create a plan so that the digital business can be built and evolve in an orderly manner.

Digital Business Research

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2016 Strategic Roadmap for Digital Business Transformation

21 October 2016

The transformation from analog business to full-scale digital business can happen quickly. The descriptions and tools in our five-stage development model will help CIOs deploy the right resources for every stage.

Think at the Scale of Civilization Infrastructure to Plan for Digital Business

12 October 2016

Businesses and governments are building a collection of new infrastructures to support a digital civilization. CIOs must work with business leaders to determine how to exploit opportunities in five civilization infrastructure domains.

Three Styles of Digital Business Platforms

12 October 2016

Organizations are defining three styles of digital business platforms: internal, private and public. EA and technology innovation leaders must help their enterprise define one or more of these styles to execute their digital business strategy.

Every Organization Needs a Digital Platform Strategy

12 October 2016

Digital design is a core competency required by any digital business. CIOs will play a central role in manifesting this competency, and should do so through careful combination of digital design center and digital design COE.

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