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Why IoT Now?

Harness the Massive Data of Connected Things
Connected things are creating more data than ever before. To act on that data, you need a whole new approach to Information and Master Data. Learn More

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the heart of the digital business. You need this marriage of operational and information technology to create a business advantage. Learn More

What IoT Means for Business

Secure Your Things and Use Their Data
IoT is making our world ever more connected. New connections bring risks. Balance security decisions with the drive for IoT growth. Learn More
The need for IoT analytics to use technologies not commonly employed elsewhere, requires you to adopt new best practices and software. Learn More
Use five architectural components to implement and secure Internet of Things capabilities: Things; gateways; mobile devices; the cloud; and the enterprise. Learn More

Who's In Charge of IoT?

Take the Lead with Insight and Intelligence
To manage the unprecedented complexity of expanding IoT, IT architects must rely on a consistent, flexible and extensible workflow architecture. Learn More
IoT initiatives will move forward, even if your IT organization is not prepared. Get ready for the future with new ways to work with colleagues across your business. Learn More
Learn how to develop the business case for IoT within your organization. Internal and external objectives need to be taken into consideration. How do you measure IoT ROI? Watch to find out. Learn More

How It Works

Build a Smarter IoT Future
Thirty billion new smart objects require you to master a new approach to business. Discover what IoT technologies and capabilities you need to thrive on a smarter planet. View Now
The Internet of Things demands you master a wide range of new technologies. Discover which ones you need for your strategy to succeed. View Now
Description: Gartner research has identified a wide range of use cases from across virtually every industry sector and around the world. Learn More

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