The Mobile Imperative: Getting Started and Overcoming Obstacles

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While most enterprises are increasingly feeling the imperative to "do mobile," many don't know where to begin, and there are many obstacles to success. This special report covers the range of obstacles from development to deployment, issues ranging from tools to management and security, and why bring your own device (BYOD) needs to be approached more broadly with the applications and strategies designed for today's world.

Vice President & Gartner Fellow David Mitchell Smith discusses getting started and overcoming obstacles with implementing mobile strategies.

Gartner Mobile Imperative Research

Best Practices for Mobilizing Access to Your ERP

26 February 2013

Many organizations are rushing into deploying ERP on mobile devices without a comprehensive mobility strategy. This research provides best practices to optimize investments in ERP mobility, derived from deployments in diverse industries around the globe.

Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms, 2013

7 August 2013

As unprecedented numbers of enterprises build mobile applications, the mobile application development platform market continues to grow and evolve rapidly. We assess the major vendors that enable enterprise IT developers to create mobile applications for customers, partners and employees.

Despite Its Limitations, Responsive Design Enables Many Organizations to Move to a Unified Web Channel

9 August 2013

Responsive design (formerly called responsive Web design), is a client-side technique supporting multiple layouts in a single Web instance. Its simplicity has resulted in wide adoption, despite its limitations in scope, tooling support and performance. These limitations will be mitigated over time.

BPM Reinvents Mobile Work

13 November 2013

Insurance claims management provider Crawford & Company's leading-edge use of mobile business process management has transformed adjuster field work and business effectiveness, illustrating best practices for any business willing to innovate.

Acccelerate ERP Value through Mobility

4 October 2012

ERP leaders and CIOs are taking advantage of a great opportunity to use mobility to unlock the value of their ERP and improve their productivity and decision making. Mobility can increase effective collaboration among users and accelerate the flow of ERP data, without a desktop connectivity to ERP.

How to Take Video Mobile with Enterprise Video Content Management

14 June 2013

Gartner's research indicates that consumption of video on mobile devices for work-related purposes is on the rise and that organizations must support and manage it, despite the many challenges this poses. We show video managers and enterprise architects how to prepare.

What the Apple iPad and other Mobile Devices Mean for Collaboration Planners

11 July 2013

Rich mobile devices like Windows and Android phones and tablets and Apple iOS devices have raised expectations about accessibility and the user experience. This shapes expectations about how people work. Enterprise collaboration planners must anticipate how mobility will affect collaboration.

Critical Capabilities for Mobile Application Development Platforms

19 August 2013

MADPs are in a highly competitive and rapidly changing, often complex, market. We focus on 15 critical capabilities for MADPs from 11 vendors to help mobile AD teams evaluate these offerings for B2B, business-to-employee and business-to-consumer implementations.

Avoiding Mobile App Development Security Pitfalls

24 May 2013

IT leaders in charge of application development should follow mobile best practices to avoid data leakage from mobile devices and attacks to the corporate infrastructure.

Understand How the Three C's Can Maximize Sales Mobility

23 May 2013

Tablets and smartphones will become the primary mobile devices for salespeople. We define the role smartphones, tablets and laptops will have on communication, content consumption and content creation for the sales force.

Critical Capabilities for Mobile Device Management Software

23 May 2013

The critical capabilities for MDM take a deep look at the top technologies in MDM for policy compliance, mobile security management, mobile software management, mobile content management, analytics and delivery styles. This is pertinent data for telecom, network and client computing managers.

What's Hot in CRM Applications in 2013

20 June 2013

Mobile for sales, customer service and e-commerce; social campaigns and predictive analytics on big data for marketing sit at the top of the Gartner CRM heat chart for 2013. This is where our clients' interests lie, although not their current CRM spending.

Survey Analysis: E-Commerce Customers Looks to Cloud, Mobile and Transformational Change

15 July 2013

More than 190 e-commerce customers have shared their insights on how they are using e-commerce to implement transformational change. IT leaders should map their organization's vision, strategy and business justification for e-commerce, and use these building blocks to guide their investments.

Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management

9 October 2013

The field service management market continues to splinter between vendors that offer specialty capabilities and those that deliver broader field service suites.

Gartner's Digital Wallet Solution Segmentation Model

12 March 2013

The battle for control of digital wallet solutions will define success for payment operations of players in the financial services, retail and telco sectors. A clear understanding of consumer needs, user interface, use cases and how to balance convenience with security requirements will be key.

Survey Analysis: Tier 1 Retailers Must Capitalize on Consumer Use of Mobile as Key Gateway in Cross-Channel Shopping

21 May 2013

Tier 1 multichannel retailers will miss opportunities to generate substantial sales if they look to mobile to produce this revenue on its own, rather than having mobile serve as a gateway to cross-channel shopping.

BYOD Is an Applications Strategy, Not Just a Purchasing Policy

18 November 2013

IT leaders that make investment decisions must understand that BYOD is about application architecture and solution design. If the applications exhibit technical constraints that limit choice and deployment, then the purchasing policy is irrelevant.

BYOD, Development, Deployment and Management Challenges Converge

13 November 2013

Complexity due to multiple priorities and a plethora of choices is causing mobile leaders to delay many mobile efforts. This research will help mobile leaders better survey the landscape and project how the complexity issue will unfold.

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