Strategic and Disruptive Vendors

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Gartner is using the Nexus of Forces – the convergence of mobile, cloud, social and information – as a lens to examine the leading strategic and disruptive vendors such as Amazon, Google and IBM.

Our study shows these vendors have varied strength in the Nexus forces, and varied strategies related to the innovative combination of the forces. This collection of research digs deep, beyond the market and product positioning.

Managing VP Chris Howard discusses strategic and disruptive vendors and the Nexus of Forces – social, mobile, cloud and information.

Strategic and Disruptive Vendors Research

Strategic Vendors

Cisco Focuses on Delivering the Required Infrastructure at the Heart of the Nexus

21 August 2012

Cisco has a proven enterprise track record, but its product strengths do not all fit visibly or neatly into the Nexus of Forces. Cisco has the opportunity to uniquely position itself at the confluence of social, mobile, cloud and information to compete successfully against disruptive vendors.

IBM Addresses the Elements of the Nexus of Forces

24 August 2012

IBM has offerings in each Nexus force: cloud, social, mobile and information. While integration of these forces is shown in its Smarter Planet offerings, Gartner sees opportunities for greater integration across IBM solutions.

Microsoft Is Striving to Overcome the Hurdles in the Nexus of Forces

24 August 2012

Microsoft has led its enterprise rivals in most areas of the Nexus of Forces, but it has not capitalized on its consumer potential. The company is more aggressively linking these forces to compete with disruptive vendor competitors.

Oracle Is Providing Technology Infrastructure for the Nexus of Forces

24 August 2012

Oracle currently markets individual products but is moving toward marketing solution sets, some of which address combinations of the Nexus of Forces (cloud, information, mobile, social). We provide ratings and guidance for Oracle's Nexus-related technology and product offerings.

SAP Is Driving Analytics, Cloud and Mobility in the Nexus of Forces

24 August 2012

SAP has moved from applications vendor to software provider with a broad portfolio that includes business analytics, information management and mobility infrastructure. Although weak in adoption of social media, SAP has embraced Gartner's Nexus of Forces as its go-to-market strategy.

Disruptive Vendors

Amazon Will Play a Key Enabling Role in the Nexus of Forces

24 August 2012

Historically, Amazon has been a disruptive force in the markets it enters and, via Amazon Web Services, it has been a leader in cloud innovations. But Amazon also plays a key role in the mobile, social, and information aspects of the Nexus of Forces.

Apple Serves Enterprises by Serving Consumers Within the Nexus of Forces

31 July 2012

Apple is a major driver of the mobile force in the Nexus of Forces and is leveraging the cloud as well in its effort to build a compelling user experience around its products. CIOs should seek ways to embrace these Apple products and drive innovation and change in the enterprise.

Google Pursues Consumer Passions and Enterprise Attention in the Nexus of Forces

24 August 2012

Mastery of Internet information lies at the heart of Google's strategy, fueled by the cloud prowess that serves as a core competency. Organizations must decide whether Google's vision suits their needs and ambitions.

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