2015 Planning Guide Overview: Architecting IT for IoT Using Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data

The Internet of Things and its ultraconnected nature is driving a wave of technological and business change. IT organizations must prepare by building the Digitally Intelligent IT Architecture: an architecture that is cloud and mobile first, self-conducting, and produces actionable intelligence.

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Gartner for Technical Professionals: 2015 Planning Guides

2015 Planning Guide for Cloud Computing

2 October 2014

Cloud services are the foundation for the digital business. In 2015, organizations must prioritize the advancement of their cloud adoption maturity plans so that the foundation is in place to handle the proliferation of large-scale data, applications and services in the cloud.

2015 Planning Guide for Data Center Modernization and Consolidation

3 October 2014

In 2015, IT organizations will reach an inflection point, at which business velocity outpaces IT's ability to meet its demands. With the help of a bimodal IT strategy, new architectures such as software-defined data center will transform infrastructure planning and deployment for increased agility.

2015 Planning Guide for Mobility: Innovation for the Digital Business

2 October 2014

Mobility inspires and delights consumers, but employees are not so enthralled. IT organizations struggle to deliver mobile innovation due to immature and fragmented management, collaboration, security and app development products. Business must deliver great UX for consumers and employees.

2015 Planning Guide for Application Platform Strategies: Gaining Speed and Scale in Software Development

2 October 2014

The digital industrial economy, where everyone and everything is connected to the Internet, will be the primary driver of enterprise IT for the foreseeable future. Success demands software development teams start making the shift toward a world of hyperconnected and scalable systems today.

2015 Planning Guide for Professional Effectiveness: The Changing IT Job in a Digital Industrial Economy

6 October 2014

IT practitioners and managers are at the center of technology convergence and the digitalization of business. This guide helps you go beyond technical skills to achieve enterprise success through a reshaping of skills, practices and your own professional effectiveness.

2015 Planning Guide for Collaboration and Content

6 October 2014

In 2015, many enterprises will move to Office 365 or another cloud suite for collaboration services. As the digital industrial economy gains speed, organizations must create a foundation for future productivity by becoming mobile-/user-centric and preparing for the Internet of Things.

2015 Planning Guide for Data Management

3 October 2014

The digital industrial economy has changed the frontiers of data management, widening the gap between typical practices in enterprise IT and the state of the art. This planning guide offers data management professionals advice for bridging the gap to the new state of the art.

2015 Planning Guide for Security and Risk Management

2 October 2014

In planning for security and risk management projects for 2015, organizations must scale and adjust their risk management and security practices to satisfy current and future IT and business needs.

2015 Planning Guide for Identity and Access Management

2 October 2014

To meet the needs of digital business across mobility, cloud, information and social realms, technical architects and implementers must embrace the consumer constituency, accommodate identity of "things" and increase the agility of services that they provide and to which they subscribe.

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