2014 Planning Guides: Convergence of Cloud, Mobile, Collaboration, and Information —
The Path to a Competitive Advantage

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Adopting mobility, cloud, information intelligence, and collaboration are a given into today's world. But the key to unlocking the true potential of these technologies is not to use them individually to solve tactical problems. The key is to use them in concert to revolutionize the business model, improve customer services, and streamline processes.

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Gartner for Technical Professionals: 2014 Planning Guides

2014 Planning Guide for Mobility: The Revolution Is Gaining Steam

3 October 2013

Enterprises are scrambling to create a mobile strategy. Many are hamstrung by unrealistic expectations, vague requirements and organizational inertia. This report describes important mobility trends and key planning considerations that will help organizations accelerate their mobile initiatives.

2014 Planning Guide for Cloud Computing

3 October 2013

Cloud computing is no longer a new concept, and many organizations have been consuming cloud services for the past several years. However, in 2014, many organizations will look to move cloud computing past the early phase and constrained use cases and into more widespread, production adoption.

2014 Planning Guide for Collaboration and Content

3 October 2013

In 2014, IT should concentrate on delivering an effective palette of collaboration and content systems to users — "one size fits all" no longer works. Leveraging mobile and cloud is critical. If IT fails to do this correctly, the business will view IT as ineffective and will look elsewhere.

2014 Planning Guide for Private Cloud, Data Center Modernization and Desktop Transformation

3 October 2013

In 2014, organizations will face increasing pressure to support greater business agility, increase service availability and improve efficiency. Decisions regarding private cloud management, data center modernization and desktop transformation will dominate 2014 data center planning and operations.

2014 Planning Guide for Application Platforms: The Nexus Era of Software Delivery

3 October 2013

The technologies underlying the Nexus of Forces are maturing, and proven practices are emerging. Delivering compelling, innovative solutions will require application development teams to embrace new paradigms, boost effectiveness, emphasize consumer expectations and broaden developer skill sets.

2014 Planning Guide for Data Management

3 October 2013

A new era has arrived. Information is playing an increasingly pivotal role in business success, and the convergence of cloud, social and mobile is creating new types of information. Enterprises that are effectively managing and analyzing this new data are gaining a competitive advantage.

2014 Planning Guide for Identity and Privacy in an Age of Converged IT

3 October 2013

To meet mobility, cloud, information and social requirements, identity and privacy professionals must think about Identity and Access Management (IAM) not as a set of rigid capabilities, but as dynamic services with which business can innovate. 2014 will prove to be a pivotal year as IAM serves new constituencies in new ways.

2014 Planning Guide for Security and Risk Management

3 October 2013

Planning for security and IT risk in 2014 requires supporting and balancing game planning, fortification, search and destroy, and (counter) intelligence approaches. In 2014, Regulations change and increased threats continue. Security practitioners must shape and reshape security architecture and programs to keep a balance between business enablement and risk management in 2014 and beyond

2014 Planning Guide for Professional Effectiveness: Reshaping IT for the Digital Business

3 October 2013

In the era of the Nexus of Forces, technology convergence and digitalization of business, the key to individual and enterprise success is more than just technical skills. Engagement and the changing nature of work require a reshaping of our skills, practices and professional effectiveness.

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