2017 Planning Guide Overview

Architecting a Digital Business With Sensing, Adapting and Scaling

The exponential rate of technological innovation presents organizations with the opportunity to architect transformative business solutions in an on-demand world. In 2017, technical professionals must focus on solutions that sense, adapt and scale to become digital disruptors.

Research Highlights

In 2017, the fundamental question facing technical professionals will be, "How can we architect the transformative, on-demand solutions necessary to stay relevant in a digital economy?" The high-level answer will be found by focusing on three key elements of the algorithm:

  • Sense is where the algorithm begins. This element focuses on the edge or the front end of systems, and enables hyperinstrumentation.
  • Adapt is the heart of the algorithm. It focuses on the IT systems and data analysis, striving to derive meaningful insights and predictions out of raw data.
  • Scale is where the algorithm runs. This element focuses on ensuring that "sense" and "adapt" happenevery time and everywhere.