2016 Planning Guides: Set the Pace With Agility, Design and Innovation

The exponential rate of technology change is shaking the foundation of IT, but this radical evolution is also creating an opportunity for IT to take advantage of abundant technology services. Technical professionals must embrace agility, design and innovation to set the pace in their organizations.

Gartner Chief of Research Paul DeBeasi discusses the 2016 Planning Guides

Gartner for Technical Professionals: 2016 Planning Guides

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2016 Planning Guide for Data Management and Analytics

2 October 2015

In 2016, the IoT and the demands of the digital enterprise will require data management and business analytic professionals to take specific action to enhance their data and analytics architecture, environment and approach to put data at the heart of the organization.

2016 Planning Guide for Collaboration and Content

2 October 2015

In 2016, creating and executing on a digital workplace strategy will provide a foundation for successfully implementing innovative and user-focused collaboration through services such as enterprise content management, Office 365 and SharePoint.

2016 Planning Guide for Mobility

2 October 2015

Mobility has moved beyond devices and is now inextricably linked with business innovation. As a result, the need for technical professionals to develop a stand-alone mobility strategy is disappearing. Instead, mobility will increasingly integrate with business strategy in a symbiotic relationship.

2016 Planning Guide for Cloud Computing and Virtualization

2 October 2015

Cloud-first strategies are the foundation for staying relevant in a fast-paced world. In 2016, IT must prioritize the progress toward transforming the organization to be "cloud-first" to enable the expansion of digital business initiatives that are agile, scalable and unpredictable.

2016 Planning Guide for Security and Risk Management

2 October 2015

Technical professionals must make resilience a foundation of digital business. In 2016 and beyond, achieving three important goals — privacy, safety and reliability — will require strong planning and execution in the areas of security and risk management.

2016 Planning Guide for Application Platform Strategies

2 October 2015

Development teams must deliver software more efficiently than ever before. They also face the most diverse technology ecosystem in history. To lay a foundation for success, teams must improve software architecture, infrastructure and processes simultaneously to realize greater velocity and agility.

2016 Planning Guide for Identity and Access Management

2 October 2015

Identity and access management is modernizing by embracing "Three Bs": business-centric solutions, bimodal architecture and behavioral-analytic approaches. These themes affect identity plans for cloud, the Internet of Things and security in a fast-paced and risky digital business world.

2016 Planning Guide for Data Center Modernization and Consolidation

2 October 2015

In 2016, IT organizations will leverage bimodal IT practices and the wider use of software-defined infrastructure to improve IT automation and better support hybrid and public cloud environments. These practices will lead to increased business agility and IT efficiency.

2016 Planning Guide for Professional Effectiveness

2 October 2015

It's not just technical prowess that produces success or moves your career forward. There are clear trends emerging that point to nontechnical skills as key accelerators to building a successful digital business career.

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