Guest Keynote Speakers

Anders Sorman-Nilsson


Founder and Creative Director, Thinque

Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a reformed lawyer, and the founder and creative director of the research company Thinque. His unique global perspectives have been helping leaders, teams, and business owners make sense of and harness disruptive trends in innovations, generations and communications. Anders is an expert on generational trends, thought leadership branding, and innovation who challenges his audiences to upgrade the way they think.

Dan Gregory


Founder and CEO, The Impossible Institute™

Dan Gregory has worked with the biggest global brands and won countless awards around the world for creativity, effectiveness and ROI. A regular on ABC TV the Gruen Transfer, Dan is a rare evangelist for truth in a world of spin. He believes that everyone is capable of having ‘ideas on purpose’.

Gartner Analyst Speakers

Burke, Brian
Carlton, Darryl
Free, Don
Kenefick, Sean
Leow, Adrian
Longwood, Jim
Pezzini, Massimo
Prentice, Brian
Robins, Anne Elizabeth
Schulman, Jeff
Smith, David Mitchell
Thoo, Eric
Wilson, Nathan

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