Guest Keynote Speaker

Glenn Cooper

Glenn Cooper

Executive Chairman and Marketing Director, South Australian Coopers Brewing Company

A fifth generation member of the famous South Australian Coopers brewing family, Glenn Cooper joined the family business in 1990 and is currently the Executive Chairman and Marketing Director. Glenn has overseen the launch of numerous products to the Coopers beer range, including Coopers Mild Ale, Coopers Dark Ale, Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale, Coopers Lager and most recently Coopers Clear. Glenn now oversees Coopers interstate operations which includes recent distribution and brewing rights for international beers, Carlsberg, Sapporo and Kronenbourg.

Jason Fox

Jason Fox

Motivation Design Expert

Hear the freshest insights in motivation science, setting a strong foundation for what works to build and sustain engagement. Learn what makes games work & how IT partnered with good gamification design will influence the future of work. See some of the best emergent examples of gamification & learn to distinguish the key things that make these applications work. Learn how to cut through the hype & noise to instead focus on the design that drives the alignment of IT with strategy and motivation.

Pete Goss

Pete Goss

Ultimate Competitor and Adventurer

Teamwork, Leadership and Communications are what an adventurer relies on. One's very life depends on it. Pete will share his experiences during the 1996/97 Vendee Globe Single Handed Round the World Yacht Race. It is an inspiring story that includes the rescue of a French yachtsman and having to perform an extraordinary operation on his own elbow. Both ventures were successful thanks to data communications between a single handed sailor and a diverse— and geographically spread — team of experts.

Gartner Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote: The Future of Your Business — Transparent, Decisive, Personalized

The impact of analytics on business, society and our own personal lifestyles has been far more impactful than anyone could have imagined. Transparent organizations embracing information as an asset have discovered billions of dollars in revenue opportunities already. Predictive analytics have shown entire new levels of precision, allowing the automation of millions of daily business decisions. And the next phase is upon us, where personal analytics start to challenge business analytics, with the same sophistication.

Ian Bertram
  • Ian Bertram
  • Summit Chair,
    Managing VP
  • Gartner
Frank Buytendijk
  • Frank Buytendijk
  • VP Research
  • Gartner
Lisa Kart
  • Lisa Kart
  • Research Director
  • Gartner

Case Study Speakers

  • Papiya Chakravarti
  • Director, Information Management Services Section
  • Australian Sports Commission
  • Speaker Profile
  • Karen Ganschow
  • General Manager, Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Westpac
  • Speaker Profile
  • Stuart Ward
  • Platform Manager, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Global Markets
  • ANZ
  • Speaker Profile

Gartner Analyst Speakers

Bertram, Ian A.
Buytendijk, Frank
Chandler, Neil
Friedman, Ted
Heudecker, Nick
Kart, Lisa
Laney, Douglas
Popkin, Jamie
Sicular, Svetlana
Steenstrup, Kristian
Tay, Gavin
Thoo, Eric
White, Andrew
Yuen, Daniel

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