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Typically presented by non-Gartner industry leaders, these plenary sessions are designed to be entertaining and thought-provoking.


Gartner Opening Keynote: Reimagine Supply Chain — Fast, Forward, Focus

12 August, 2013 (09:00 - 09:45)

It's time to re-imagine your supply chain and push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Incremental improvement won't suffice to capitalize on the next wave of global growth. New markets present opportunity and emphasize the need to move quickly and to focus amid rising competition. Future supply chain leaders must engage business partners to drive new market growth while continuing to improve service levels and profits in existing markets. Senior analysts present Gartner's most current research addressing the changes ahead and the capabilities required for supply chain to be the critical differentiator for global corporations.

Guest Keynote: Dhaval Buch, SVP, Supply Chain, Asia, Africa & Russia, Unilever

12 August, 2013 (14:30 - 15:15)

Supply Chain as a competitive advantage in D&E This presentation sets the context in which a Supply Chain needs to be configured for growth in D&E • To be able to serve consumers with products at the right price and margin right across the pyramid • To outstandingly service a dispersed general trade environment while helping Modern Trade customers establish and grow their business • To maintain a quality and cost equation which enables the company to compete with the best global competitors as well as savvy local businesses • To configure a manufacturing and logistics network which produces and supplies world class products while ensuring that capital and costs are contained • To partner global and local suppliers to ensure seamless and cost competitive material supply

Guest Keynote: Lim Chin Chye, VP, Supply Chain, Haier Goods Company

13 August, 2013 (09:30 - 10:15)

Haier is a leading home appliances in the world and the most valuable brand in China. We believe to be the leader in the market, very employee need to be empowered to create value and to response to customers demand quickly. Our organization are customer focus, our business model and process innovations on-going activities to meet dynamic customers need. The internet era require enterprise to satisfy customers demand instantly. The challenge is for a company to collaborate effectively internally and with its partners throughout the value chain. This presentation will share our organization innovation, our supply chain transformation and collaboration strategy.

Guest Keynote: Customer-Centric Collaboration

13 August, 2013 (10:15 - 11:00)

Coles has been on a journey to improve collaboration in turn delivering better Availability for its Customers. This has been identified as one of the top 4 primacies for the business and this presentation will give an overview of the journey and a real life example on how it has come to life.

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