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Analyst-User Roundtables

Hear how your colleagues from various industries tackle problems similar to yours. These small group discussions provide an informal setting for you and your peers to share insight, challenges and concerns on today's hottest topics.


Roundtable: Managing the Cost of Application Maintenance (Pre-registration required, available to end-users only)

19 May, 2014 (12:00 - 12:45)

The world runs on software – and software needs to be maintained. As your business finds new ways for applications to run, grow and transform, the burden of application maintenance increases. Application teams need to focus on improving the productivity of maintenance teams. A good place to start is in the development projects – ensuring that applications are developed in such a way as to be simple and low-cost to maintain.

Roundtable - UX Strategies for IT (Pre-registration required, available to end-users only)

20 May, 2014 (08:00 - 09:00)

IT frequently struggles with how to create a compelling UX for the websites and systems it deploys. The right methodologies, tools, skills, and most importantly, mindset, are required to deliver an effective UX.

Roundtable: Mobile Application Security Testing: It is Not Just About Mobile(Pre-registration required, available to end-users only)

20 May, 2014 (08:00 - 09:00)

The surface of attacks targeting applications and data has expanded from Web into mobile and cloud systems. Come share how your enterprise deals with these new threats and learn how other enterprises meet the same challenges. • What concepts are critical to the future of application security? • What new application and data security technologies address these issues?"

Roundtable: Application and Data Integration - Can These Distinct Challenges be Addressed with One Approach? (Pre-registration required, available to end-users only)

20 May, 2014 (09:15 - 10:00)

A chasm exists between application integration and data integration. These domains don't intersect without conscious effort by IT management, but there are huge synergies from both a technology and practice point of view. Organizations must federate these activities and integrate the technologies to reduce costs and increase business agility.

Roundtable: Crowd Sourcing Application Development (Pre-registration required, avalable to end-users only)

20 May, 2014 (11:15 - 12:00)

Crowdsourcing has earned its claim to fame from high profile innovation contests like the Netflix Prize and through piecework engines like Amazon Mechanical Turk. Crowdsourcing is starting to make waves in cutting-edge application development (AD) projects, where platforms like TopCoder, uTest, and CloudSpokes are merging capitalism and the open-source model to create a new type of solution delivery. Join this roundtable to discuss your experiences with Crowdsourcing AD and learn from your peers about this developing trend.

Roundtable: Building a Comprehensive Cloud Computing Strategy (Pre-registration required, available to end-users only)

20 May, 2014 (12:15 - 13:00)

Cloud often means different things to different people inside and outside the IT department leading to confusion and fragmented initiatives. Organizations must consider the impact of cloud across the entire IT spectrum and develop a comprehensive strategy to deal with multiple cloud service types and delivery models, hybrid environments and the impact of cloud on application design. In this cloud strategy there are roles Enterprise Architects and Application teams as well as infrastructure, operations and security teams.

Roundtable: Managing Data and Process Integration Challenges in a Hybrid Cloud/On Premises ERP World (Pre-registration required, available to end-users only)

20 May, 2014 (13:00 - 13:45)

Many organizations are adopting cloud-based applications that augment on-premises ERP and increasingly moving core elements of ERP to the cloud. This roundtable will discuss how enterprise architects and application leaders need to be ready with a data and process integration strategy that anticipates this world of hybrid ERP.

Roundtable: Aligning IT and the Business (Pre-registration required, available to end-users only)

20 May, 2014 (14:00 - 14:45)

Almost every business project now has a substantial technology component, and so it’s imperative that IT and the business see eye to eye on leveraging technology to create customer value. This Analyst User Roundtable is designed to share best practices for creating alignment between IT and the business.

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