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Analytic Trends and Futures

This track looks towards the future. It provides a vision into the market trends, emerging analytic technologies, new approaches and external factors impacting how organizations use information for business value. It will assist architects and strategists when considering their roadmaps and give business leaders a view of the ‘art of the possible’.


Tutorial: How to Deploy Mobile BI

05 February, 2013 (08:00 - 08:45)

With their low cost, power and ease of, use tablets and smart phones are likely to proliferate in every organization. Mobile BI is already being touted as the hottest application in demand by business users. This tutorial will help you learn how to approach its deployment. • How to justify the investment in mobile BI ? • What critical capabilities should be used to select mobile BI tools? • What deployment best practices will foster adoption by business users?

To The Point: You Can't Change the Past: Why You Need Predictive Analytics

05 February, 2013 (14:00 - 14:30)

The vast majority of BI deployments get stuck in the reporting stone age. While reporting will always be there, the real reason for BI is to make the future better by leveraging predictive models. This session shows how to get value from BI by supporting decision making through predictive analytics. • What is predictive analytics? • How does predictive analytics fit into the BI portfolio? • What are scenarios of users predicting the future?

To The Point: BI and Analytics Market Trends - 2020 Vision

05 February, 2013 (15:45 - 16:15)

Upon a rich foundation of fact-based market research, this presentation provides a market model, laying out the triggers towards analytics everywhere, on all souces, at the point of decision. Until 2020, the scope, use-cases, buying centres, delivery models, and vendor landscape will look radically different. • What will be the market movers for BI and analytics to reach pervasive usage? • Which vendors are well-positioned to lead and win in the market? • When will hyped technology triggers reach market maturity?

To The Point: How "Mobile" is Expanding Business Analytics' Boundaries

06 February, 2013 (08:30 - 09:00)

Mobile BI tools are leveraging new and enhanced hardware capabilities provided by tablets and smartphones to augment business analytics. Understand how BI users’ expectations change once they become mobile. Learn what can be achieved, where and how it can be applied and who can benefit from it. • Which are the new mobile BI capabilities? • What changes in a "mobile ready" business analytics initiative? • What impact will it have in organizations?

How Next-Generation Analytics Will Revolutionize Business Decision Making

06 February, 2013 (10:00 - 11:00)

Many BI projects focus too much on providing information and not enough on improving the way in which decisions are made. At the same time, many executives refuse to exploit technology for decision making. This is set to change in the next five years as new developments in business analytics automate and improve the way business decisions are made. • What are the flaws in the way business decisions are made? • How is technology evolving to support better decision making? • How will business practices and decision making processes change?

To The Point: The Missing Link in BI: Location Analytics

06 February, 2013 (14:30 - 15:00)

Nearly all BI initiatives are missing the important data component of “location”, although virtually all of the managed entities in the BI environment are possessing a location (e.g. customer, supplier, store, vehicle, device). This session will highlight the relevance of geography as a missing puzzle piece for business intelligence. • What is location analytics? • What technologies are required to leverage location information? • What use cases exist for location intelligence?

Deriving Value from Content and Social Analytics: The "Variety" in Big Data

06 February, 2013 (15:15 - 16:15)

Most associate the big data opportunity with large volumes only. However, companies will derive new sources of value from finding insights from combining content AND structured data to build new analytic applications that optimize customer interactions, productivity, innovation and growth. • What is possible when finding new insights in diverse data? • What are key technology and tools considerations? • What are new organizational challenges and how to overcome?

Seeing is Understanding – The Rise of Visualization in BI and Analytics

07 February, 2013 (08:00 - 08:45)

Interactive visualization applies users' innate visual ability to aid identification and understanding (of patterns, for example) in a much more effective way than tabulated figures ever can. This session outlines how this technology is best used and how to add it to your portfolio both for dashboards and ad hoc analysis. Why not see for yourself? • What defines interactive visualization? • How do the two main visually driven uses cases in BI, for dashboards and analytics, differ? • How do you apply the tenets of good dashboard design?

Making Real-Time Analytics Real

07 February, 2013 (09:00 - 10:00)

Real-time operational intelligence is not just visual data discovery, using spreadsheets or refreshing BI reports every few seconds or minutes. It is a unique discipline with particular goals, users, technologies and data. This session explores descriptive event management, prescriptive decision management and process flow management. • What is the real-time role of BI, data discovery and predictive analytics? • How should you use rule engines, workflow, BAM and related technologies? • Where will the observe-orient-decide-act loop apply?

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