Guest Speakers

The Chief Data Officer Panel

Learn from the experiences of a panel of Chief Data Officers who are pioneering information leadership roles and driving substantial benefits for their organizations.

  • Deborah Cowles
  • Executive Director - Head of Data Management
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International
  • Eugene Kolker
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Seattle Children's Hospital
  • Lorraine Waters
  • Deputy Chief Data Officer and Global Head of Data Policy
  • HSBC


Gartner Keynote Speakers

Gartner Opening Keynote: Maximize Business Value With Your Digital Information Strategy

Information is a key ingredient for any digital business. It is the one thing that is constantly being exchanged between businesses, between people and between things. In effect, information becomes the critical connection that links together the value cha0in of organizations. As all industries make the transition to the world of digital business, organizations can maximize value from better information management practices through innovation, value creation, efficiency and risk mitigation.

  • Ted Friedman
  • VP and Distinguished Analyst
  • Andrew White
  • Research VP
  • Tina Nunno
  • VP and Research Fellow


Gartner Analyst Speakers

Beyer, Mark A.
Broad, Darren Edward
Buytendijk, Frank
Casonato, Regina
De Simoni, Guido
Duncan, Alan D.
Feinberg, Donald
Friedman, Ted
Geragas, Dimitris
Heudecker, Nick
Judah, Saul
Laney, Douglas
Logan, Debra
MacComascaigh, Mick
McGittigan, Jim
Nunno, Tina
O'Kane, Bill
Swanton, Bill
Thoo, Eric
White, Andrew

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