The information learnt is relevant and plentiful and the networking opportunities are very valuable. The organization and structure of the overall event is superb. Lots to take back to the workplace!
  • Ian Brown, 2013 attendee
  • IT Asset Manager
  • Aviva PLC

Event Approval Tools

Attending a Gartner event can help spur new ideas, fast track project strategy and advance your professional skills. We've developed a set of materials that will aid in gaining approval from your manager and give you the ability to validate and review your onsite experience.

  • Customizable Trip Report: Easily report your ROI from the conference by following our pre-defined template.
  • Post-Event Trip Report from Gartner: A PDF highlighting key sessions, new and notable features, critical takeaways, interactive polling results, exhibit showcase highlights and more.

Team Discount

Bring your team to this Summit to maximize, strategize and save.