Gartner Keynote Speakers

Perfect IAM Is the Enemy of Good IAM

From Voltaire on, great thinkers have realized that striving for the ideal needlessly distracts us from finding workable solutions that meet most of our needs. As digital business dramatically increases the scale and complexity of IT, seeking the perfect IAM solution becomes even more futile. This session looks at the issues from the viewpoints of the IAM leader, the consultant and the vendor, and identifies the simple approaches that can deliver significant business value within realistic budgets and timescales.

  • Ray Wagner
  • Managing Vice President
  • Gartner
  • Gregg Kreizman
  • Vice President
  • Gartner

The IAM Magic Quadrants, Critical Capabilities and Market Guides

Gartner analysts will identify the trends in each of the major IAM markets we cover. We’ll also present the most recent IAM Magic Quadrants, critical capabilities and market guides.

  • Ant Allan
  • Vice President
  • Gartner
  • Felix Gaehtgens
  • Director
  • Gartner

Closing Keynote: Putting Strategy Into Action

In this informal panel and discussion, Gartner IAM analysts reveal their key take-aways from the conference. Key issues include: What trends have been revealed while talking to attendees? What should attendees do as soon as possible upon returning to the workplace? How best can attendees leverage their conference experience?

  • Gregg Kreizman
  • Vice President
  • Gartner

Gartner Analysts

Allan, Ant
Carpenter, Perry
D'Hoinne, Jeremy
Farahmand, Homan
Gaehtgens, Felix
Girard, John
Iverson, Brian
Kampman, Kevin
Krapes, Steve
Kreizman, Gregg
Litan, Avivah
Nikols, Nick
Perkins, Earl
Robinson, Lori
Rochford, Oliver
Ruddy, Mary
Scholtz, Tom
Singh, Anmol
Vining, Jeff
Wachs, Heidi L.
Wagner, Ray
Wynne, Neil