Guest Keynote Speakers


Keith Ferrazzi

Founder and CEO, Ferrazzi Greenlight, Greenlight Research Institute

Keith Ferrazzi works to transform old behaviors that block global organizations from reaching strategic goals, into new behaviors that increase shareholder value. The firm's Greenlight Research Institute has proven the correlation between positive relationships and business success. Based on a decade of field engagements with iconic global organizations, Ferrazzi has perfected techniques of collaborative coaching and motivation of key constituencies that positively transform organizational behavior.


Erik Wahl

Artist, Author and Entrepreneur

Pulling from his history as both a businessman and an artist, Erik Wahl has become one of the most sought-after corporate speakers available today. Erik's on-stage painting seamlessly becomes a visual metaphor to the core of his message, encouraging organizations toward profitability through innovations and superior levels of performance. His list of clients includes AT&T, Disney, London School of Business, Microsoft, FedEx, Exxon Mobil, Ernst & Young, and XPrize; Erik is also a TED presenter.

Gartner Keynote Speakers



Leading Business Change: Negotiate Political Land Mines

Organizational politics are daily realities that often go unspoken and unaddressed. Those who seek to lead change are certain to encounter political challenges. Often, the success of a project or initiative is dependent upon the ability of the leader to identify and negotiate political land mines. This keynote focuses on defining what politics really is, and identifying the key political land mines we all encounter when attempting to create change.

The End of Outsourcing As We Know It

Globalization, industrialization, consumerization and the Nexus of Forces (social, mobile, cloud and information) are quite literally changing the world. The impact on IT will be dramatic, but what are you doing about it? This keynote evaluates how outsourcing will change, driven by these major trends, and includes examples of changes that we are witnessing already. Could this herald the end of outsourcing as we know it?

  • Linda R. Cohen
  • VP Distinguished Analyst
  • Gartner
  • Helen Huntley
  • Research VP
  • Gartner
  • Ian Marriott
  • Research VP
  • Gartner


  • Frank Ridder
  • Research VP
  • Gartner

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