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CIOs: How to Fuel Growth and Drive Innovation

Digital technologies — mobile, social, big data and cloud — are disrupting businesses everywhere. CIOs must look beyond the day-to-day "IT as usual" activities and hunt for new digital opportunities to accelerate growth and create a competitive advantage. How will you capture new digital opportunities? How will IT remain relevant in an increasingly digital world?


On average, CIOs report that their enterprises realize only 43% of technology's business potential

Key Challenges for CIOs

Today's CIO must wrestle with three key strategic and operational challenges:

  • IT Governance and Strategy

    You must broaden your IT strategies, priorities and plans, and champion new demand created by new digital technologies. It is essential to create business differentiation by linking IT and business together. How will you ready your enterprise and close the gaps to meet the dynamic needs of your business and your customers? What governance structures need to evolve? Is your IT organization mature enough for the challenges?

  • Innovation Management

    You are required to lead digital business innovation while maintaining your existing IT portfolio. You must create the next generation of IT, exploring new ways technology will create new business opportunities, products and services. What processes and disciplines will you use to manage innovation programs? Where will you look to create new sources of value and revenue from new digital technologies? What are the opportunities and the threats?

  • IT Budgets, Cost Optimization and Business Value of IT

    You are under pressure to reduce IT costs while simultaneously transforming the business with new digital opportunities. You must also defend your IT budget and justify the value of IT. What performance management techniques will you use to build credibility with your CFO? Where should you optimize your IT budgets to fund new investments? How will you tackle continuous IT cost optimization?

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