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Grow Your Business by Understanding Your Customers

Fuel powerful, data-driven customer experience

The voice of the customer comes through data. Learn how to gain growth and market share by using data and analytics to shape customer experience. Grow Market Share
Data and analytics play a key role in customer experience. Master the three questions every tech leader should know how to answer. View Webinar
If you think you could be making better use of data, you're not alone. Learn how IT leaders are driving engagement with advanced analytics. Engage now

Define Your Role

Create your analytics dream team

In today's workplace, digital and data go hand in hand. Set the tone for a data-driven culture by understanding the key characteristics. Start Building
As data increases, so do your staffing needs. Find out which data-related roles fit best in your organization. Attend Webinar
Static approaches to data can slow innovation and quickly lead to irrelevance. Adopt a bimodal workforce to grow results faster. Go Bimodal

Enter the CDO: The New Data & Analytics Leader

Determine if your company needs to add a Chief Data Officer

Smarter With Gartner Smarter With Gartner
A strong start is critical to a Chief Data Officer's success. Find out how to maximize your CDO's "honeymoon period."
Chief Data Officers must focus on how the impact the business agenda. In this webinar, learn how to speak the language of your business stakeholders.
Should your organization join the CDO movement? This webinar helps you answer that question and build the right business case.

Build a Data & Analytics Practice

Understand what success looks like

A solid data infrastructure can solve problems, answer complex questions and maximize growth opportunities. Propel your business forward through advanced analytics. Start Advancing
The right analytics strategy can transform a digital business. Learn how a chief analytics officer can connect the dots between company alignment, cost and profitable outcomes. Get started
In a world of digital disruption, predictive analytics can be your key to avoiding undesirable outcomes. Learn how other companies are doing it right. Capitalize on Business Moments