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Andrew Comes

Andrew Comes

Principal Analyst

2 years at Gartner,  7 years' experience

Location:  FL USA  |  Language(s):  English

Roles and Responsibilities

Andrew is a Principal Analyst with expertise in Enterprise IT, integration patterns, decision automation and augmentation, platform architecture, and microservices best practices. He has project experience designing and implementing enterprise systems, specifically, integrating disparate tools and processes in the end-to-end sales lifecycle. In previous roles, Andrew has become familiar with the benefits and challenges of both in-house custom code solutions as well as vendor solutions as they align to an enterprise's near-term tactical goals and long-term strategic vision.


Previous Experience

While at IBM, Andrew worked in the CIO Organization as a Cloud Solutions Architect on a global transformation effort to produce an in-house cloud platform, built to eliminate areas of profit leakage in the end-to-end services sales lifecycle. He was responsible for leading cross-functional agile teams, eliciting requirements from key stakeholders, designing scalable microservices architectures, building specs for development teams, as well as ownership of performance engineering and platform monitoring tools. Andrew's solution designs have utilized a range of technologies, platforms, products, approaches, patterns, and tools including: IBM Cloud, scalable microservice design, API gateways, API management, relational databases/DB2, MongoDB/document-oriented databases, Kafka event-driven architecture, business process/decision automation and management tooling, platform performance engineering and monitoring, integration with enterprise communication tooling (Slack, MS Teams etc.) and complex Salesforce/ platform integrations.

Professional Background

  • IBM, Information Technology Architect, 4 years


  • Bachelor of Arts: Spanish Linguistics, Composition, and Literature
  • Bachelor of Science: Information Sciences and Technology
  • Integration and Application Focus, Dean's List Honors
  • Penn State University
  • Penn State University