Analyst Profile

Rebecca Archambault

Rebecca Archambault

Sr Director Analyst

1 year at Gartner,  37 years industry experience

Location:  NY USA  | Language(s):  English

Roles and Responsibilities

Provide advice for clients, leaders and professionals regarding Identity and Access Management. Specific coverage areas are Leadership, IAM Program and IAM Governance.


Previous Experience

I was responsible for IAM Strategy. We implemented an IAM program, which included gathering and communicating with Stakeholders, Understanding our Current State and provided a vision for our Future state. I also participated with the H-ISAC Identity Committee, helped to author several Identity papers and led their Identity working Group. I worked with the Blues Association to advise on Identity-related topics, including Identity's role in Interoperability.

Professional Background

  • HSBC Bank NA, Global IAM Operations Head, 33 years
  • Highmark NY, Trusted Identities Leader, 3 years


  • Customer Advisory for IDSA
  • Founder, Leader of the Western New York Identities Working Group.
  • H-ISAC Identity Committee Member
  • Led H-ISAC Identity Working Group