Analyst Profile

Roberta Witty

Roberta Witty

VP Analyst

24 years at Gartner,  46 years industry experience

Location:  CT USA  | Language(s):  English

Roles and Responsibilities

Roberta Witty is a Vice President in Gartner Research, where Ms. Witty is part of the Security and Risk Management Programs group. Her primary area of focus is business continuity management. She is the Key Initiative Lead for the Technology, Information and Resilience Risk KI and the Security and Risk Management Leaders KI. She also chairs the Women in IT track for Gartner's annual Security and Risk Management conferences.


Previous Experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Witty managed the technology risk management function for the corporate trust business of The Chase Manhattan Bank. In this role, she was responsible for awareness, advisory and compliance services regarding the business implementation of IT control policies, including information security, business continuity and Y2K business resumption planning. Before joining Chase, she was the information security officer for ING (New York), where her responsibilities included information security program development and implementation, security administration, and business continuity planning. Prior to ING, Ms. Witty held information security positions at the heritage organizations of both Chase and Chemical Bank.

Professional Background

  • ING/New York, Information Security Officer, 2 years
  • The Chase Manhattan Bank, IT Risk Manager, 3 years
  • The Chase Manhattan Bank, Information Security Analyst, 2 years


  • B.S., Management Information Systems, University of New Haven, CT

Industry Awards/Accolades